Hugh N. Cry
It’s those rigid Catholic “trappings” he despises.
Photographer needs a Covid Mask. Elite dignitaries do not. The Farce Continues as usual.
God is not fooled -- God has withdrawn His Grace from the ministry of Francis. All Grace comes to the human race ONLY through the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ! Pray, my friends, keep those Rosary beads warm!!!! This house of cards is about to be taken down!
Perhaps, after his August faux pas with reading the Galatians he wants to avoid further blunders. The Cross has always made elder brothers cross.
they do say the sign of the cross in shy way
No cross. very "shy".
The Catholic church of today is a different religion from the Roman Catholic Church. Ppl have to make a choice of which faith they choose to follow.
Fratelli Tutti doesn't exactly ring true with Traditionis Custodes
I will say it for them,in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy spirit amen.Lord we pray that these clergy do the Will of God only not the will of secular world that wants to distroy the Church and the family
3rd Order Postulant
And what did he take out of his pocket?
3rd Order Postulant
Oh wait, it was his eyeglass case.
3rd Order Postulant
Foolishly hoping it was a rosary!