Confirmed! Vatican Wrote Statement Against Lady Of All Nations

Haarlem-Amsterdam Bishop Johannes Hendriks has admitted that the "final editing" of his December 30 statement against the alleged apparitions of the Lady of all Nations was done by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Hendriks asked the Congregation in 2020 for a clarification.

The Congregation's statement permits the distribution of the Lady of All Nations' prayers and image as long as no reference to the apparitions is made, he wrote on Arsacal.nl.

Whatever could be understood as an even implicit recognition of the messages and apparitions should be avoided, Hendriks explained, "because the Congregation has expressed a negative judgment on them.” Usually, the Vatican is utterly careless when it comes to protecting the deposit of Faith.

Hendriks “can understand” the disappointment of those believing in the apparitions which “have inspired many.” He himself attended several times Lady of all Nations prayer meetings.

The Vatican is against the apparitions not because they are doubtful but because they present Our Lady as the mediatrix of all graces.