I Didn't Receive Communion Since Lent - And I Don't Feel Deprived

The coronavirus is teaching us that Mass and Holy Communion are no longer necessary or desirable.
Also raising the question when was the last time he went to confession.
Child of Our Lady
Haven't you heard? 'We have reasonable hope to believe that all men are saved.'
Cynic that I am, I'm reluctant to place my salvation in the reasonable hope of Bishop Barron.

If he ends up in the same place as those he's misled, the jailors there will be -certain- to assign everyone to the same work-detail and housing unit.
Our Lady of Sorrows
It would be easier for the world to survive without the sun than to do without Holy Mass.

St. Padre Pio
F M Shyanguya
The enemy knows this hence the shuttering of the Churches.

He doesn’t have to do much if the world is already dark and dead. That’s his kingdom made ready and delivered to him by the hierarchy.
celia ann
Oh dear! I hope priests never feel like that
F M Shyanguya


No Life (Capital “L”) without the sacraments.

For those who never felt deprived or starved, it appears, they are already Dead (Capital “D”).


“It is our duty and our salvation ...” [It is right and just, our duty and salvation]
I agree that in these difficult circumstances we have a responsibility to keep up and try to improve our relationship with God and that the sort of panic some people experience is not justified. After all, if God has allowed us to be deprived of sacraments, then we should trust him.
Of course faith is worth more than sacraments, but surely, if Our Lord thinks Holy Communion is desirable, shouldn't you?