Total Flop: Francis Received 75 Clicks

The useless Pontifical Council for Culture hosted on May 6-8 a useless but much advertised "Health Conference" with about 100 speakers.

The videos were published on the channel of the co-hosting New York Cura Foundation. Most of them received between 1 and 200, some 500 clicks.

A medical discussion about long-term effects of Covid-19 generated 7k clicks, and pro-abortion singer Katy Perry 3.2k clicks. During the livestreams an average of 12 to 17 viewers were online.

The American rocker Joe Perry who in 1987 produced a song about a transvestite, got 1.7k views after being linked by Catholic websites like and During his presentation, he stuttered around and uttered the wisdom that "the diet is important for wellbeing."

At the end of the conference, Saturday night 23.59, the videos had the following views

Francis: 75
New Age figure Deepak Chopra: 86
US-Covid organiser Antoni Fauci: 145
Soprano Singer Renée Fleming: 43
Supermodel Cindy Crawford: 88
Moderna CEO, Stéphane Bancel: 51
Google Health Head David Feinberg: 11

The main goal of the conference was to use the "moral" voice of the [immoral] Vatican to push for Covid-19 vaccines.

During the conference, Chelsea Clinton called for censorship on social media in order to prevent an open information about Covid vaccines.

Fauci, a lapsed Catholic, said that the [vaccine propaganda] “message” needed to be matched to the right “messenger” among which the clergy was playing an important role [because he is good for nothing else].

Cindy Crawford talked about the importance of "green tea," "meditation routine," and "10 minutes of cardio training." The conference was the ultimate proof that the neo-modernist Vatican has turned into the parody of a sect.

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That's wonderful news! :D Apparently the Catholic world doesn't think much more of his opinion than the secular anti-Christian world does. Flop or not, this won't be the last the world sees of Chelsea Clinton, though. You heard it here first.
"The conference was the ultimate proof that the neo-modernist Vatican has turned into the parody of a sect." - Unfortunately, I believe this is quite accurate. Very unfortunate, indeed.