Easter Candle Kills Rock Priest

Reverend Javier Sánchez, 60, died on 4th April in the Miguel Servet Hospital in Zaragoza, Spain.

He was presiding over the Easter Vigil last Saturday at the convent of the Sisters in the Santa Isabel district of Zaragoza, where he lived.

Apparently a spark flew when he lit the candle, setting fire to his chasuble and burning half of his body. An ambulance took him to hospital, where the doctors couldn't save him, writes InfoVaticana.com.

Sánchez was the parish priest of San Gregorio parish in Zaragoza. Known as the "rock priest" who sometimes played guitar at concerts. As a priest, he was stuck in the mentality of the 1960s.

During the Covid hysteria, he presided over the Eucharist via zoom and pasted the photos of the parishioners on the pews.

Rev. Sánchez gained notoriety in 2015 when he starred in a video clip in which he appeared half-naked with only angel wings and a guitar, prompting the Archbishop of Zaragoza, Monsignor Vicente Jiménez, to temporarily remove him from his duties. He issued a public apology two days later.

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Fr. Javier Sánchez died on April 4 from burns suffered when his vestments caught fire during the lighting of the Easter fire on Holy Saturday. He was known as the "rock priest" for his guitar playing and music tours. In 2015, he posed half naked for a photo shoot.
Gross. Priests should be many things but fitting into corrupt culture should not be one of them
For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.
Priests of the Lord, take heed…GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED!
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Lord have mercy on him.