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Fr. Mark Goring, Charismatic! > Promotes false apparitions; promotes Medjugorje; promotes Error!
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😡 Charismatic!
He is from ontario Canada
Where can I find more information about this priest? Thank you for sharing.
Just me
I believe he is from Canada. This is his yt channel. youtube.com/channel/UCXWkyfyPE2fosQbnYOTiuZA
alexamarie He is at St. Mary's - in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Be careful though - he is into "The Charismatic Spirituality." Link to his church here:
Fr. Mark Goring, CC – St. Mary's Parish
Well spoken however, it is not the Vatican that determines the moral law it is God. No one gets to rescind God's Law.
Hound of Heaven
Bless you, Fr. Goring, and keep preaching the Gospel which can set all hearts on fire for the love of Christ.