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The Best Prayer From St. Francis of Assisi to Marie-Julie Jahenny

Saint Francis of Assisi told Marie-Julie that when she could not pray, she should say the best prayer, which is to place her soul into God's Hands:
-- “Father Saint Francis, when the soul is troubled, what can one do?”
“Remember the good counsels received, meditate on them, to strengthen the heart.”
-- “But when we cannot even pray, nor do anything?”
“You must say to God:
'I hand over my soul into Thy hands.' ”
-- “Will God be very content with that?”
“Little sister, it is the best prayer.”
-- “When we can neither pray, nor make our Sunday prayers?”
“One performs penance... Content yourself with that which you have. Do not ask to be happy.”
-- “I do not ask for any more than to save my soul.”