And Coronavirus: Huge Amount Of Traffic, Standstill in Donations

Meanwhile in London

Barbarism is back.
"According to Antipope francis all countries must accept illegal immigrants." Someday Thors Catholic Parrot will realize Euro governments are doing so entirely without Pope Francis' prompting.
There is alot to be said for open borders and I like it, if this is what it takes to get rid of the nutjobs in any country then bring it on because unfortunately these nutjobs won't leave and the ones that allowed to come to london wont die anytime soon but will bring in more of the same. So again bring it on!!!
British people have gotten very violent 🤦
Thors Catholic Hammer
According to Antipope francis all countries must accept illegal immigrants.
These laddies in the video clip are merely exhibiting their distinct cultural practices to the host nation .
The host nation must INCULTURATE these practices according to the antipope
What a fascinating and diverse rich culture Europe has now...