Cardinal Nichols admits he is “struggling” to answer questions about the role of God during the C-19 pandemic

‘Why is God letting this happen?’

'Ever since 1945, we’ve been living in the post-war era, and from 2020 onwards, I believe that we’ll be living in the post-virus era' Religious leade…
Struggling to explain the profound meaning of the cross of Christ? A proof, if any were needed, that they have little or no supernatural faith left in them. Like Bergoglio telling us that the Father was unjust with his Son or Mary complaining to God he had tricked her.Oh ye of little faith, blind leading the blind.
Dr Bobus
Why is God letting this happen? Perhaps it's in retribution for the pope selling out Chinese Catholics are the Chinese communist government
Its a correction for idolatry, child sacrifice and perversion. It's hardly rocket science.
Did the cardinal ever ask about countless millions of unborn killed in his country?
Our priest told us it is NOT God but the sins of humanity for the reason we are in the state we are in.
God allows this to happen and allows corrupt Church leaders to do what they're doing now for the same reason God allows all human evil: free will.
that is the stupidist.most sophomoric. passe. outdated.simpleton.unlettered.uninformed.outworn...... comment of all time !!
Alex A
Surely there should be three exclamation marks, yes?
Our Lady at Fatima warned us that if people did not do penance and repent, there would be great chastisements. Let’s see, that was 1917. Since then we have legalized infanticide, sodomy and self mutilation. Idolatry in many forms proliferates. People forget that God is merciful but also just. He has been too much offended, we now do penance that is being inflicted upon us.