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Sarah: No Continuity - No Church

The Church has no other sacred reality to offer than her faith in Christ, and her “sole goal” is to make possible men's encounter with God, Cardinal …
There must come a time when we realize the mistake of defending and embracing a 'commitee' to draft the liturgy so-called Novus Ordo. The inspiration of a few old Italian men sitting around a conference table or at a Coffee Shop to develop a liturgy that circumvents the Ancient Mass will never have a lasting character. It is not a faith that I profess.
The Novus Ordo is the invention of man. The …More
There must come a time when we realize the mistake of defending and embracing a 'commitee' to draft the liturgy so-called Novus Ordo. The inspiration of a few old Italian men sitting around a conference table or at a Coffee Shop to develop a liturgy that circumvents the Ancient Mass will never have a lasting character. It is not a faith that I profess.

The Novus Ordo is the invention of man. The innovations of men never last. Therefore, the Novus Ordo will not last.
Thank God for Cardinal Sarah, a true and honest apostle
John A Cassani
The committee didn’t just include old Italian guys, but also such examples of “virtue” as Rembert Weakland. It has nothing to recommend it. Cardinal Sarah needs our prayers, that he continue to do God’s work.
"The inspiration of a few old Italian men sitting around a conference table...."
Consilium members, consultors and advisors according to Mons. Bugnini:

Lercaro, Cardinal Giacomo, Archbishop of Bologna, 3-2-1964 to 1-9-1968. Appointed a member of the Consilium on 1-13-1968 and a member of its presidential council and of the liturgical section of the SCR on 10-4-1968
Gut, Cardinal …More
"The inspiration of a few old Italian men sitting around a conference table...."
Consilium members, consultors and advisors according to Mons. Bugnini:

Lercaro, Cardinal Giacomo, Archbishop of Bologna, 3-2-1964 to 1-9-1968. Appointed a member of the Consilium on 1-13-1968 and a member of its presidential council and of the liturgical section of the SCR on 10-4-1968
Gut, Cardinal Benno, 1-9-1968 to 5-8-1969 (appointed a member of the Consilium on 3-3-1964, when he was Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Federation)
Agagianian, Cardinal Gregory Peter, prefect SC Propaganda Fide, app. 3-3-1964
Antonelli, Ferdinando, O.F.M. (subsequently Titular Archbishop of Idicra), SCR, app. 3-3-1964
Bea, Cardinal Augustin, president of the Secretariat for Christian Unity, app. 3-3-1964, d. 11-16-1968 Bekkers, Willem, Bishop of 's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands), app. 3-3-1964, d. 5-9-1966
Bevilacqua, Giulio, C.O. (subsequently a cardinal, 2-22-1965), app. 3-3-1964, d. 5-6-1965
Bluyssen, Jan, Bishop of 's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands), app. 10-14-1965
Botero Salazar, Tulio, Archbishop of Medellin (Colombia), app. 3-3-1964, d. 3-1-1981
Boudon, Ren£, Bishop of Mende (France), app. 3-3-1964 Byrne, Leo Christopher, Coadjutor Archbishop of St. Paul and of Philadelphia (United States), app. 12-13-1968 Carter, Gerald Emmett, Bishop of London (Canada), app. 12-14-1965 Clavel Mendez, Tomas Alberto, Archbishop of Panama, app. 6-1-1965
Cody, Cardinal John Patrick, Archbishop of Chicago, app. 7-18-1967 Confalonieri, Cardinal Carlo, secretary SC Consistory, vice- president, app. 3-3-1964
Conway, Cardinal William, Archbishop of Armagh (Ireland), app. 6-3-1965
De Kesel, Leo, Auxiliary Bishop of Ghent (Belgium), app. 2-2-1967
2. Members, consultors, and advisors are listed in alphabetical order; some basic infor¬ mation is given on each.
Members and Consultors of the Organizations for Liturgical Reform 943
Dwyer, George Patrick, Archbishop of Birmingham (England), app. 6-1-1965
Enciso Viana, Jesus, Bishop of Mallorca (Spain), app. 3-3-1964, d. 9-21-1964
Enrique y Tarancdn, Vicente, Archbishop of Oviedo (then of To¬ ledo, Spain), created cardinal 4-28-1969, app. 6-1-1965 Felici, Pericle, Titular Archbishop of Samosata (Curia), created cardi¬ nal 6-26-1967, app. 3-3-1964
Fey Schneider, Bernardo, Bishop of Potosf (Bolivia), app. 3-3-1964 Giobbe, Cardinal Paolo, Datary (Curia), app. 1-13-1964 Gracias, Cardinal Valerian, Archbishop of Bombay (India), app. 3-3-1964
Gray, Gordon Joseph, Archbishop of Edinburgh (Scotland), created cardinal 4-28-1969, app. 2-2-1967 Grimshaw, Francis, Archbishop of Birmingham (England), app. 3-3-1964, d. 3-22-1965
Guano, Emilio, Bishop of Livorno (Italy), app. 3-3-1964, d. 9-26-1970 Hallinan, Paul, Archbishop of Atlanta (United States), app. 3-3-1964, d. 3-27-1968
Hanggi, Anton, Bishop of Basel (Switzerland), app. 2-2-1967 Hervas y Benet, Juan, Titular Bishop of Dora, Prelate of Ciudad Real (Spain), app. 3-3-1964, d. 6-6-1982 Hurley, Denis Eugene, Archbishop of Durban (South Africa), app. 6-1-1965
Isnard, Jose Clemente Carlos, Bishop of Nova Friburgo (Brazil), app. 3-3-1964
Kabangu, Francois, Bishop of Luebo (Zaire), app. 12-13-1968 Kerv^adou, Francois, Bishop of Saint Brieuc (France), app. 3-3-1964, d. 1-8-1983
Kovacs, Sandor, Bishop of Szombathely (Hungary), app. 12-14-1965, d. 12-24-1972
Jenny, Henri, Archbishop of Cambrai (France), app. 3-3-1964, d. 2-8-1982
Jop, Franciszek, Auxiliary Bishop of Opole (Poland), app. 3-3-1964, d. 9-24-1976
Larraona, Cardinal Arcadio Maria, prefect SCR, app. 1-13-1964, d. 5-7-1973
Lazfk, Ambrdz, Bishop, Apostolic Administrator of Tmava (Czecho¬ slovakia), app. 12-14-1965, d. 4-2-1969 Lopez de Moura, Agostino, Bishop of Portalegre-Castelo Branco (Portugal), app. 3-3-1964
Malula, Joseph, Auxiliary Bishop, then Archbishop of Kinshasa (Zaire), created cardinal 4-28-1969, app. 3-3-1964 Mansourati, Clemente Ignazio, Titular Archbishop of Apamea in Syria (Rome), app. 3-3-1964, d. 8-11-1982 Martin, Joseph Albert, Bishop of Nicolet (Canada), app. 3-3-1964 Nagae, Laurentius Satoshi, Bishop of Urawa (Japan), app. 3-3-1964 Otcenasek, Karel, Bishop, Apostolic Administrator of Hradec (Czechoslovakia), app. 4-2-1969
Pellegrino, Michele, Archbishop of Turin (Italy), created cardinal 6-26-1967, app. 10-14-1965
Pichler, Alfred, Bishop of Banjaluka (Yugoslavia), app. 3-3-1964 Rau, Enrique, Bishop of Mar del Plata (Argentina), app. 3-3-1964, d. 8-11-1971
Ritter, Cardinal Joseph Elmer, Archbishop of St. Louis (United States), app. 3-3-1964, d. 6-10-1967 Rossi, Carlo, Bishop of Biella (Italy), app. 3-3-1964, d. 2-29-1980 Rugambwa, Cardinal Laurean, Bishop of Bukoba, then Archbishop of Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania), app. 3-3-1964 Silva Henrfquez, Cardinal Raul, Archbishop of Santiago (Chile), app. 3-3-1964
Spiilbeck, Otto, Bishop of Meissen (Germany), app. 3-3-1964 Valentini, Luigi (Rome), app. 3-3-1964, d. 5-11-1964 Van Bekkum, Willem, Bishop of Ruteng (Indonesia), app. 3-3-1964 Van Zuylen, Willem Marie, Bishop of Liege (Belgium), app. 3-3-1964 Volk, Hermann, Bishop of Mainz (Germany), app. 3-3-1964 Weakland, Rembert, O.S.B., Abbot Primate, app. 1-25-1968 Young, Guilford, Archbishop of Hobart (Australia), app. 3-3-1964 Zauner, Franz, Bishop of Linz (Austria), app. 3-3-1964

Bugnini, Annibale,

Agustoni, Luigi (Switzerland), Institute of Sacred Music, Milan; Gregorianist and parish priest; app. 5-11-1964
Agustoni, Msgr. Gilberto (Switzerland), SCDF; dogma, law; app. 3-16-1966
Altisent, Miguel, S.P. (Spain); music; app. 5-11-1966 Amadouni, Garabed, Bishop and Apostolic Exarch of the Armeni¬ ans of France; app. 5-11-1966 Amon, Msgr. Karel (Austria); liturgy; app. 3-16-1966 Amore, Agostino, O.F.M. (Italy), Antonianum, Rome; Church his¬ tory; app. 5-11-1966, d. 12-17-1982 Angles Pamies, Msgr. Igino (Spain), president of the Pontifical In¬ stitute of Sacred Music, Rome; app. 6-17-1964 Ashworth, Henry, O.S.B. (England); patrology; app. 5-11-1966, d. 10-13-1980
Balboni, Msgr. Dante (Italy); pastoral liturgy; app. 5-11-1966 Bartolucci, Msgr. Domenico (Italy), director Sistine Choir; app. 6-17-1964
Beilliard, Msgr. Jean (France); music; app. 5-11-1966
Bek4s, Gerardo, O.S.B., Anselmianum, Rome; dogma; app.
5- 25-1964
Bennett, Dr. Clifford (United States), director Gregorian Institute of America; music; app. 6-17-1964 Beron, Richard, O.S.B. (Germany); liturgy; app. 5-11-1966 Bogler, Theodor, O.S.B. (Germany); liturgy; app. 5-11-1966, d.
6- 13-1968
Bonet, Msgr. Emmanuel (Spain), auditor of the Rota; law; app. 2-22-1964, d. 8-6-1969
Borella, Msgr. Pietro (Italy); liturgy, ceremonial; app. 2-22-1964, d. 8-30-1982
Borello, Luciano, S.D.B. (Italy); liturgy, catechetics; app. 5-11-1966 Botte, Bernard, O.S.B. (Belgium), Liturgical Institute, Paris; app. 5-11-1966, d. 3-4-1980
Bouman, Deacon Cornelius (Netherlands), University of Nijmegen; liturgy; app. 5-11-1966
Bouyer, Louis, C.O. (France); liturgy; app. 3-16-1966 Brinkhoff, Lucas, O.F.M. (Netherlands); liturgy; app. 5-11-1966 Bruylants, Placide, O.S.B. (Belgium); liturgy; app. 5-11-1966, d. 10-18-1966
Buijs, Louis, S.J. (Netherlands), Gregorian University, Rome; law; app. 5-11-1966
Calabuig, Ignazio, O.S.M. (Spain), Marianum, Rome; liturgy, Mari- ology; app. 3-16-1966
Cardine, Eugene, O.S.B. (France), Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, Rome; Gregorianist; app. 5-11-1966 Castellino, Giorgio, S.D.B. (Italy), University of Rome and Lateran University; psalms; app. 3-3-1964 Cattaneo, Msgr. Enrico (Italy), Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan; history of liturgy; app. 5-11-1966 Cellier, Jacques (priest; France); pastoral liturgy; app. 3-16-1966 Claire, Jean, O.S.B. (France); Gregorianist; app. 5-11-1966 Cuva, Armando, S.D.B. (Italy), Salesianum, Rome; law, liturgy; app. 5-11-1966
Dalmais, Irenee, O.P. (France), Catholic Institute, Paris; liturgy; app. 5-11-1966
Damilano, Pietro (priest; Italy); popular song; app. 6-17-1964 D'Anversa, Msgr. Evaristo (Italy); Latinist, hymns; app. 5-11-1964 De Gaiffier, Beauduin, S.J. (Belgium), Bollandist; hagiography; app. 5-11-1966
Dell'Oro, Ferdinando, S.D.B. (Italy); liturgy; app. 5-11-1966 De Urquiri, Timoteo, C.M.F. (Spain); liturgy; app. 3-16-1966 Diekmann, Godfrey, O.S.B. (United States); liturgy; app. 5-11-1966 Dirks, Ansgar, O.P. (Netherlands), Dominican Liturgical Institute, Rome; app. 2-22-1964
Dubois, Marcel, C.SS.R. (Canada); rubrics; app. 5-11-1966 Duncker, Pieter, O.P. (Netherlands), Angelicum, Rome; psalms; app. 3-3-1964
Diirig, Msgr. Walter (Germany), University of Munich; liturgy; app. 5-11-1966
Egger, Abbot Karl, C.R.L. (Italy); Latinist; app. 5-11-1966 Fallani, Giovanni (Italy), Titular Bishop of Parthenia, president of the Pontifical Commission for Sacred Art in Italy; app. 2-22-1964 Falsini, Rinaldo, O.F.M. (Italy); liturgy; app. 5-11-1966 Famoso, Msgr. Salvatore (Italy); liturgy, rubrics; app. 5-11-1964, d. 5-31-1982
Feder, Joseph, S.J. (France); Scripture; app. 3-16-1966 Fischer, Msgr. Balthasar (Germany), Liturgical Institute, Trier; app. 5-11-1966
Fontaine, Gaston, C.R.I.C. (Canada); liturgy. Scripture; app.
5- 11-1966
Franquesa, Adalberto, O.S.B. (Spain); liturgy; app. 2-22-1964 Frutaz, Msgr. Amato Pietro (Italy), SCR; history; app. 5-11-1966, d. 11-8-1980
Gelineau, Joseph, S.J. (France); music, liturgy, catechetics; app.
6- 17-1964
Members and Consultors of the Organizations for Liturgical Reform 947
Gherardi, Msgr. Luciano (Italy); parish priest; app. 2-22-1964 Grasso, Domenico, S.J. (Italy), Gregorian University, Rome; pas¬ toral theology; app. 5-11-1966 Gribomont, Jean, O.S.B. (France); Vulgate; app. 3-3-1964 Gy, Pierre-Marie, O.P. (France), director Liturgical Institute, Paris; liturgy; app. 2-22-1964
Hamman, Adalbert, O.F.M. (France); patrology; app. 3-16-1966 Hanggi, Prof. Anton (Switzerland), University of Fribourg; liturgy; app. 2-22-1964 (subsequently bishop and a member of the Con¬ silium)
Harmel, Jean, O.Praem. (France); music, song; app. 5-11-1964 Hesbert, Rene Jean, O.S.B. (France); liturgy; app. 3-16-1966 Hofinger, Johannes, S.J. (Austria), director East Asian Pastoral In¬ stitute, Manila; pastoral liturgy; app. 5-11-1964 Hourlier, Jacques, O.S.B. (France); Gregorianist; app. 5-11-1964 Hucke, Dr. Helmut (Germany); music; app. 6-17-1964 Jones, Percy (priest; Australia), University of Melbourne; music; app. 5-11-1964
Jungmann, Joseph Andreas, S.J. (Austria), University of Inns¬ bruck; liturgy; app. 2-22-1964, d. 1-26-1975 Kahlefeld, Heinrich, C.O. (Germany); liturgy; app. 5-11-1964, d. 3-5-1980
Kennedy, Vincent, C.S.B. (Canada), Pontifical Institute of Christian Archeology, Rome; archeology; app. 5-11-1964 Kleinheyer, Bruno (priest; Germany); liturgy; app. 5-11-1964 Kniewald, Carlo (priest; Yugoslavia), University of Zagreb, Yugosla¬ via; liturgy; app. 5-11-1964
Kolbe, Ferdinand (priest; Germany); liturgy; app. 5-11-1964 Kunz, Lucas, O.S.B. (Germany); liturgy; app. 5-11-1964 Lanne, Emmanuel, O.S.B. (Belgium), Greek College, Rome; East¬ ern liturgy; app. 5-11-1964
Laroque, Francois (France); parish priest; app. 5-11-1964 Lecuyer, Joseph, C.S.Sp. (France), Lateran University, Rome; the¬ ology; app. 5-11-1964
Lengeling, Prof. Emil (Germany), University of Munster; liturgy; app. 5-11-1964
Lentini, Anselmo, O.S.B. (Italy); Latinist, hymns; app. 5-11-1964 Ligier, Louis, S.J. (France), Gregorian University, Rome; liturgy; app. 5-11-1964
Lucchesi, Msgr. Giovanni (Italy); liturgy; app. 5-11-1964, d. 12-6-1981 Luykx, Boniface, O.Praem. (Belgium), Louvain University, Kinshasa; liturgy; app. 5-11-1964
MacKenzie, Roderick, S.J. (Canada), Gregorian University, Rome; psalms; app. 3-3-1964
McManus, Frederick R. (priest; United States), Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.; liturgy, law; app. 2-22-1964 Martimort, Canon Aime-Georges (France), Catholic Institute, Toulouse; liturgy; app. 2-22-1964 Martinez de Antonana, Gregorio, C.M.F. (Spain); rubrics; app. 5-11-1964
Massi, Pacific© (priest; Italy); biblical exegesis; app. 5-11-1964 Mateos, Juan, S.J. (Spain), Oriental Institute, Rome; Eastern liturgy; app. 5-11-1964
Mazzarello, Secondo (Italy); parish priest; app. 5-11-1964 Mejia, Jairo (priest; Colombia); pastoral liturgy; app. 5-11-1964 Messiaen, Olivier (France); organist; app. 6-17-1964 Migliavacca, Msgr. Luciano (Italy), director Cappella Musicale, Mi¬ lan; music; app. 6-17-1964
Miller, John, C.S.C. (United States), Notre Dame University, Indi¬ ana; liturgy; app. 5-11-1964
Mohrmann, Prof. Christine (Netherlands), University of Nijmegen;
Christian Latin literature; app. 10-20-1964 Molin, Jean-Baptiste, F.M.C. (France); liturgy; app. 5-11-1964 Moneta Caglio, Msgr. Ernesto (Italy), president Institute of Sacred Music, Milan; music; app. 2-22-1964 Mundd, Ansgar, O.S.B. (Spain); app. 5-11-1964 Nabuco, Msgr. Joaqurm (Brazil); liturgy, parish priest; app. 2-22-1964 Neri, Umberto (priest; Italy); patrology; app. 3-16-1964 Neunheuser, Burkhard, O.S.B. (Germany), Sant' Anselmo Liturgical Institute, Rome; liturgy; app. 2-22-1964 Nocent, Adrien, O.S.B. (Belgium), Sant'Anselmo Liturgical In¬ stitute, Rome; liturgy; app. 3-16-1964 O'Connell, Canon John (England); liturgy, pastoral theology; app. 5-11-1964
Olivar, Alejandro, O.S.B. (Spain); liturgy; app. 5-11-1964 Onatibia, Ignacio (priest; Spain); liturgy; app. 2-22-1964 Overath, Msgr. Johannes (Germany), president Consociatio Inter¬ national^ Musicae Sacrae; music; app. 6-17-1967 Paredi, Angelo (priest; Italy); liturgy; app. 5-11-1964 Pascher, Msgr. Joseph (Germany), University of Munich; liturgy; app. 2-22-1964, d. 7-5-1979
Patino, Joseph, S.J. (Spain); pastoral liturgy; app. 3-16-1966 Paventi, Saverio (priest; Italy); missiology; app. 5-11-1964 d 4-18-1977
Members and Consultors of the Organizations for Liturgical Reform 949
Peeters, Dr. Flor (Belgium); organist; app. 6-17-1964 Pellegrino, Msgr. Michele (Italy), University of Turin; patrology; app. 5-11-1964 (subsequently a bishop and member of the Con¬ silium)
Pfaff, Maurus, O.S.B. (Germany), University of Munich; liturgy; app. 5-11-1964
Pilkington, Canon Ronald (England); rubricist; app. 5-11-1964, d. 1-21-1975
Pinell, Jorge, O.S.B. (Spain), Sant' Anselmo Liturgical Institute, Rome; liturgy; app. 5-11-1964
Quasten, Prof. Johannes (United States), Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.; patrology; app. 5-11-1964 Rabau, Canon Jean (Belgium); parish priest; app. 5-11-1964 Raes, Alphonse, S.J., prefect Vatican Library; app. 5-11-1964 Raffa, Vincenzo, F.D.P. (Italy); liturgy; app. 5-11-1964 Ramos, Emmanuel (priest; Spain); liturgy; app. 5-11-1964 Righetti, Msgr. Mario (Italy); liturgy; app. 2-22-1964, d. 7-8-1975 Rogger, Msgr. Igino (Italy); history, liturgy; app. 3-16-1966 Roguet, Aimon-Marie, O.P. (France), Liturgical Institute, Paris; lit¬ urgy; app. 5-11-1964
Romita, Msgr. Fiorenzo (Italy), president International Federation of Little Singers; app. 6-17-1964, d. 9-22-1977.
Rose, Canon Andre (Belgium); liturgy, exegesis; app. 5-11-1964 Rousseau, Olivier, O.S.B. (Belgium); Eastern liturgy; app. 5-11-1964 Salmon, Pierre, O.S.B. (Luxembourg), Abbot of St. Jerome Monas¬ tery, Rome (later Titular Bishop of Giocondiana); Vulgate, psalms; app. 3-3-1964, d. 4-28-1982 Sauget, Msgr. Joseph-Marie (France), Vatican Library; Eastern lit¬ urgy; app. 5-11-1964
Schiavon, Msgr. Giovanni (Italy); ceremonies; app. 5-11-1964 Schmidt, Herman, S.J. (Netherlands), Gregorian University, Rome;
liturgy; app. 2-22-1964, d. 7-9-1982 Schmitt, Msgr. Francis (United States); music; app. 4-27-1964 Schnitzler, Msgr. Theodor (Germany); parish priest; app. 5-11-1964 Seumois, Xavier, P.A. (Belgium), Catechetical Institute of Rwanda, Butare; liturgy, missiology; app. 5-11-1964 Sicard, Damien (priest; France); pastoral liturgy; app. 3-16-1966 Smits van Waesberghe, Joseph (Netherlands); music; app. 5-11-1964 Sobrero, Giuseppe, S.D.B. (Italy); pastoral liturgy; app. 5-11-1964 Stenzel, Alois, S.J. (Germany); liturgy; app. 5-11-1964 Tassi, Ildefonso, O.S.B. (Italy), Lateran University, Rome; liturgy, music; app. 5-11-1964
Terzariol, Msgr. Adone (Italy); papal master of ceremonies; app. 2-22-1965
Tilmann, Klemens, C.O. (Germany); pedagogy; app. 3-16-1966 Toal, Msgr. Francis Martin (England); patrology; app. 5-11-1964 Trimeloni, Lodovico, S.D.B. (Italy); rubrics; app. 5-11-1964 Vagaggini, Cipriano, O.S.B. (Italy); liturgy; app. 2-22-1964 Vandenbroucke, Francois, O.S.B. (Belgium); liturgy; app. 5-11-1964, d. 8-18-1971
Van Doren, Rembert, O.S.B. (Belgium), Abbot of Mont-Cesar; lit¬ urgy; app. 2-22-1964
Vigorelli, Valerio (priest; Italy); sacred art; app. 5-11-1964 Visentin, Pelagic, O.S.B. (Italy); liturgy; app. 5-11-1964 Visser, Johannes (priest; Netherlands), Urbanianum, Rome; moral theology; app. 5-11-1964
Vogel, Cyrille (priest; France), University of Strasbourg; liturgy; app. 5-11-1964, d. 11-24-1982
Volpini, Raffaele (priest; Italy), Vatican Secret Archives; app. 5-11-1964
Wagner, Msgr. Johannes (Germany), director Liturgical Institute, Trier; app. 2-22-1964
Wambacq, Benjamin, O.Praem.; Scripture, psalms; app. 3-3-1964 Weakland, Rembert, O.S.B. (United States), Abbot Primate; app. 5-11-1964

Alszeghy, Zoltan, S.J. (Gregorian University, Rome)
Anciaux, Paul (priest; Belgium)
Arrighi, Msgr. Gianfrancesco (Secretariat for Christian Unity, Rome) Baus, Karl (priest; Germany)
Borghini, Bonifacio, O.S.B. (Italy)
Bourget, Laurance, O.C.S. (Rome)
Bullough, Sebastian, O.P. (England)
Camps, Guido, O.S.B. (Spain) Cazelles, Henri, S.S. (France)
Cerfaux, Msgr. Lucien (Belgium)
Charbel, Antonio, O.S.B. (Brazil)
Chavasse, Antoine (priest; University of Strasbourg, France) Cignitti, Msgr. Benedetto (Italy)
Coppens, Msgr. Joseph (Belgium)
Coquin, Malo, O.S.B. (France)
Dalton, William Y., S.J. (Australia)
Danielou, Jean, S.J. (France)
Deiss, Lucien, C.S.Sp. (France)
Delalande, Dominique, O.P. (France)
Dfez Macho, Alejandro, M.S.C. (Spain)
Domier, Pierre, S.S. (France)
Du Buit, Michel, O.P. (France)
Dumas, Antoine, O.S.B. (France)
Enout, Joao Evangelista, O.S.B. (Brazil)
Floristan, Cassiano (priest; Spain)
Franceschini, Prof. Ezio (Italy)
Gaillard, Jean, O.S.B., Abbot of Wisques (France)
Gay, Claude, O.S.B. (France)
Garcia Cordero, Maximino, O.P. (Spain)
George, Augustin, S.M. (France)
Gracia, Juan Antonio (priest; Spain)
Grelot, Pierre (priest; France)
Gulden, Joseph, C.O. (Germany)
Heggen, Franz (priest; Netherlands)
Heiming, Odilo, O.S.B. (Germany)
Hesbert, Rene Jean, O.S.B. (France)
Hombach, Raphael, O.S.B. (Germany)
Kalilombe, Patrick (priest; Malawi)
Kilpatrick, Prof. George (England)
Kirchgassner, Alfons (priest; Germany)
Leclercq, Jean, O.S.B. (Luxembourg)
Llopis Sarrio, Juan (priest; Spain)
Lowenberg, Bruno (priest; Germany)
Maertens, Thierry, O.S.B. (Belgium)
Marot, Hilaire, O.S.B. (Belgium)
Marrou, Dr. Henri Ir£n4e (France)
Michel, Jean Charles, S.S.S. (France)
Murphy, Roland, O.Carm. (United States)
Noe, Msgr. Virgilio (Italy) Norberg, Dr. Dag (Sweden)
Opfermann, Bernhard (Germany)
Ortiz de Urbina, Ignacio, S.J. (Rome)
Oster, Henri (priest; France)
Panikkar, Raymond (priest; India)
Pfab, Joseph, C.SS.R. (Germany)
Rahner, Karl, S.J. (Germany)
Rinaldi, Giovanni, C.R.S. (Italy)
Ritzer, Korbinian, O.S.B. (Germany)
Ryan, Dermot, S.M.A. (Ireland)
Saraiva, Msgr. Joao (Portugal)
Sauvage, Michel, F.S.C. (France) Schildenberger, Johannes, O.S.B. (Germany) Schxirmann, Heinrich (priest; Germany) Schwegler, Theodor, O.S.B. (Switzerland) Serra Zanetti, Paolo (priest; Italy)
Skehan, Patrick (priest; United States)
Tillard, Jean, O.P. (Canada)
Tournay, Raymond, O.P. (Jerusalem)
Van der Ploeg, Servatius, O.P. (Netherlands) Villegas, Bertrand, SS.CC. (Chile)
Weber, Robert, O.S.B. (Luxembourg) Wegman, Herman (priest; Netherlands) Wiener, Claude (priest; France)
Ziegler, Msgr. Joseph (Germany)

Many of them were in their 40's.