These are Francis’, Roncallis and Athenagoras’ Connections to Freemasonry

Constantinopel Patriarch Athenagoras (+1972) who encountered Paul VI in June 1964, was a Freemason.

The Freemason Bertrand Heyraud writes this in the article, “A Different Look at Spirituality” recently published in the official journal of the Grande Loge Nationale Française (Les cahiers Villard de Honnecourt).

According to Heyraud, Athenagoras was enrolled in the 33rd degree of the Ancient Scottish and Accepted Masonic rite, just as his predecessor, Meletios Metaxakis (+1935), had been.

Heyraud claims that at the headquarters of the Grand Lodge of Greece Meletios’ and Athenagoras’ are hanging side by side on the wall. (November 11) observes that Gioele Magaldi, 48, a Massonic grand master, affirms that Angelo Roncalli, the later John XXIII, became affiliated with a Masonic Lodge when in Istanbul as apostolic delegate (1935-1944).

Then Tosatti adds, “It has never been denied that Archbishop Bergoglio, whenever he used to visit Italy, would visit Licio Gelli (+2015).”

Gelli was the Venerable Master of the clandestine lodge Propaganda Due (P2). He spent many years in Argentina as a friend of Juán Peron whom he initiated in 1973.


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