in favour of Amy Coney Barrett?

Amy Coney Barrett Deserves to Be on the Supreme Court

Barrett meets and exceeds the basic criteria for being a good justice. Photographer: Robert Franklin/South Bend Tribune Photographer: Robert Franklin…
℣ The dogma live loudly within you. ℟ And with your spirit.
F M Shyanguya
Reminds me when growing up on hearing a joke on how our responses at Mass can become mechanical:

Priest tapping of the mic: ‘there is something wrong with this mic.’

Congregation: ‘And also with you.’
It makes you think twice, doesn't it?
Great shirt
What does that shirt represent?
Our Lady of Sorrows
Public Health Order 1984 UK (updated), Government can remove people from their own home and children removed and their building demolished
Corronavirus Scam
F M Shyanguya
They couldn’t make it more obvious: We Will Continue on the Covid 19