Germany's Presiding Bishop: „I Do Not Deny Communion To A Protestant" [But the Catholic Faith to Catholics]

Limburg Bishop Georg Bätzing, the president of the German bishops, doesn't refuse communion to a Protestant during Mass.

Bätzing said this at the press conference of the Online Spring Plenary Assembly of his bishops. He sees himself in line with Francis: "This is practice [= abuse] every Sunday in our parishes, and I also engage in this practice" - the church bureaucrat defended the priority of practice over intellectual honesty.

Bätzing would not reprimand a priest who handles the Protestant Communion as he does - [but would make life difficult for a priest who celebrates the Latin Mass at the request of the faithful].

A general invitation to Protestant Communion [which Bätzing publicly and clearly pronounced] was though "not possible" - he feigned. But the [wrong] "decision of conscience" of individuals was to be respected independently of this.

One of the questions Bätzing avoided: Isn't it a question of honesty and "conscience" if a Protestant wanting to receive Holy Communion becomes a Catholic?

Picture: Georg Bätzing, #newsKidszdtmix

P. O'B
BIshop Bätzing is bätzing .000. But he is not out of line with what the Vatican has permitted for decades. Paul VI gave Communion to the Protestant spouse in a wedding he was celebrating. I don't know if in America we give Communion to known Protestants, but we have no trouble giving it to publicly pro-abortion Catholics
Child of Our Lady
This shouldn't surprise anyone. Roughly 25% of Catholics believe in the Real Presence.
Congratulations Your Eminence you have finally become Vatican II. Pray like a Protestant believe like a Protestant.