Hamburg Archbishop Hese, Germany, - a protégé of conservative Cardinal Meisner - wants an open debate on the ordination of women.

German archbishop calls for open debate about women priests in the Catholic Church

The archbishop of Hamburg, Stefan Hesse, has called for an open debate on the ordination of women in the Catholic Church. …
Alex A
Already happen, many, many years ago. It was an open-and-shut case decided upon by Christ himself.
That would be as thought provoking and as interesting as having an open debate on the earth being flat. "One has to be permitted to think about and discuss the issues."
Soon he will be calling for open debate about the divinity of Christ. Not sure where Rome will fall on that, though
Good for him. The Church doesn't have a "debate" provision for its policies and Germany can't buy one, either.
Father James Martin showing up again