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Pope Francis warns 'rigid' Catholics are creating a 'minefield' of hatred in Christmas greeting

Pope Francis has used his Christmas message to warn followers that rigidly following the Christian faith is creating a 'minefield' of hate and …
Not everyone are gay atheists like the Vatican perverts.
Pray God resolves this issue soon and raises up a true shepherd to lead his Church.
Right ! By rigid Catholics you mean Catholics who don't change with the wind or who are not obedient to the whisper from hell in our ears ?
"Rigidity conceals derangement" Unrepentant Jorge of the Pachamamas.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
Dr Bobus
Come with Pope Francis on a "Gay Romp" through the 1970s. Hear 1970ish catch words like rigidity and openness. Be accused of being hateful and narrow-minded for holding to Catholic morality.

And for anyone thinking there is Truth, learn that it is an indication of a mental disorder . And even worse , that it leads to excluding others, which is the greatest sin.

Servi dominati sunt nostri.