His Own Way: Traditionis Custodes According to Cardinal Sarah (Video)

Francis has "his way of guarding the tradition,” Cardinal Robert Sarah told French television CNews (December 26). According to him, Francis has unde…
Les Crispi
@Steve D maybe, but the truth can never cause schism.
Dear Cardinal Sarah, it looks like the bishops who put restrictions on priests and faithfuls of the Ancient Roman Rite did so because they found one "problem", THEY EXIST!

If ever a bishop discovers one tiny issue with the congregations using the New Liturgy, should he abolish it in his diocese?
The cardinal calls the old form, "the extraordinary form". Rather, it should be called the Catholic form as opposed to the protestant Novus Ordo
Father D. Joseph Waugh
This guy has to be the most useless Cardinal of all. If not, he's a close second most useless.
Jeffrey Ade
Sure confuses the Faithful!
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
He's a wimp and a coward. He won't stand up for tradition, like Cardinal Burke has done.
You can spin it anyway you wish, but it's clear his intention.
Jan Joseph
Bravo bravo Kardinaal Sarah. kardinaal Sarah is de enige Kardinaal die paus Franciscus kan opvolgen, want hij is de enige die de polarisatie in de Rooms Katholieke tegen kan houden.
Cassandra Laments
How's he going to stop it when he's just proving himself to be as faithful as the rest of them?
Jeffrey Ade
Charitable thought!
@Jeffrey Ade
Please correct me if I'm wrong but AFAIK "charitable" is derived from "charity" not "naivety".
Approved: Liturgical scandal. Restricted: TLM
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
He's a hypocrit. He's covering himself from any accusations of supporting the nearly banned Latin Mass. I used to think he would be a great Pope, faithful to CAtholic tradition. To stand up for Francis and to excuse him for his actions against the Latin Mass proves that he is not.
Les Crispi
See what I mean? I used to think the world of Sarah, but somebody got to him and now he's The Bergolian Excuser
Jeffrey Ade
More confusion for the Faithful!
Don't be Rigid - Embrace the Traditional Latin Mass
What better way to combat Francis fraud than attending the TLM ?
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Already, made traditional parishes, and religious Orders are ignoring Francis and his liturgical commisars like Roche. In fact, in some places more, not less, are streaming to the traditional Mass. Francis' dictates about the Mass are going to backfire in his face bigtime, and anyone who defends him (Sarah, Roche, Parolin, Cupich, Tobin, Gregory, etc.).
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