Normand Thomas

30. Two choices

Two choices are offered with the surprise of the new conversion. The first choice is to sit on the novelty and think about it. It’s demanding, but it also allows to regroup and to situate us in relation to sudden major interior changes.

Like a person lost in the forest of the opportunities that offers conversion, it’s important to stop, to sit down, assess our position and observe that we live deeply in order to resume our journey. It’s like someone who tells us wonderful news, we’d better sit down.

It’s not wise to run in all directions. That’s the second choice. There is a risk of going astray in the misunderstanding of people confronting us and getting to think we really have “lost our mind”. And we could also lose our orientation in this forest. Rather, it’s time to enjoy peace in the joy of God.

Let’s think about it! In Jesus, it’s impossible to lose our head since it’s now safer than ever. Others will adapt to the enhanced version of our person. We are not changed, we do not become someone else, we are only improved through faith in Jesus.

For some Pharisees go beyond the idea that Jesus has only lost his head and that he is possessed, now they falsely perceive Jesus as the devil, satan. Jesus’ answer is quite illuminating:
“If Satan has risen up against himself and is divided, he cannot stand, that is the end of him.” Mark, chapter 3, verse 26

Jesus speaks of the nature of evil, satan, that he manipulates to divide. Jesus recalls he’s just the opposite. He came to liberate what is split apart, without love, without joy, without light. Jesus cannot be divided, because Love is not divisible. Evil cannot be joy. We know that we are close to Jesus when we are in joy, peace, real love.

Jesus came to heal the internal infirmities that distance from God, heal what divides us from our relationship to God. Jesus eliminates, eradicates and dethrones evil. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is the one (Satan) who dares to keep people away from Love and the Covenant with God. The confusion starts from the principle of the great lie that Jesus is Satan just to prevent the conversion of people to the Love of God.

The Son Jesus keeps us in life, without division, without death, with the promise of eternity. It’s eternity in God we live in this very moment with Jesus.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: A path to conversion, Normand Thomas