Should the Apostolic Nuncio in Peru Be Fired?

Peru Nuncio Nicola Girasoli, 63, committed the unspeakable crime of receiving a Covid-19 vaccination on February 22 “without having any right” to do so, an outraged (February 19) writes.

Girasoli is one of 487 persons secretly vaccinated in Peru before the start of the national campaign. This caused an uproar of the oligarchs’ media.

With a dishonesty typical for Catholic bishops, Girasoli came up with the explanation that he was vaccinated in the trial phase of the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm for being a consultant on "ethical issues."

IlSismografo calls this a “ridiculous explanation” and concludes that “Girasoli cannot stay another day in Lima” implying that these are the new mortal sins in the Covid Novus Ordo Church.

The other way around, Girasoli could be seen as another bishop serving as role model to whitewash the controversial Covid vaccines.