22 Follow me

Jesus loves to challenge people who are seated or lying down. Here is Matthew, a tax collector sitting at his desk, to which Jesus says:
“Follow me.” Matthew, chapter 9, verse 9b

Which means: “Stand up and walk with me.”
Jesus knows the heart of every person, of every individual. He chose Matthew because he’s ready to be plucked like a ripe fruit:
“He got up and followed him.” Matthew, chapter 9, verse 9c

Says Matthew, himself. Jesus touches Matthew at the heart of his being. Matthew gets up “immediately” and follows him.

Matthew will become Jesus’ Apostle and evangelist and he’ll continue, his whole life, to remain with him.

When the faith of the person enters its maturity, it becomes easier to follow Jesus. Jesus wants for Matthew to follow him. He knows that Matthew has made the necessary efforts to exercise faith. Matthew perhaps wasn’t aware of the degree of faith he had and maybe few people knew also. He is ready to walk on the road that Jesus borrows.

The completion of the conversion in Matthew is to hear and respond to the call of Jesus. Matthew goes and follows Jesus, step by step, without knowing in what Jesus is getting him into. His heart is touched, then he’s overturned by this unique moment with Jesus.

The new American bible, 2011-2014,
Book: A path to conversion, Normand Thomas