Koza Nutria

Gosport Franciscans of Immaculata under attack...again!

This time is not Vatican but some high ranged priests in the Diocese of Portsmouth England (will not mention names,not yet anyway)
They been waiting for any excuse to get rid of the Friars from Gosport(and every faithful priest)and they found Covid.
In the email to every priest in the Diocese,in fact very rude,unprofessional and full of nonsesns, they called Bishop Philip to get rid of Franciscans from his Diocese as "Satan is there in the absence of Jesus". What an absurd.

This priests mafia are after every traditional priest. Even wearing the cassock makes you enemy and subject of jokes.
They are working together with laity who would like to force they own ideas in the parishes. In fact those priest's using them to force "uncomfortable" priest out. This procedure take place fro years but enough is enough.

Names and positions of this highly positioned priests been send to Church Militant.
God bless these persecuted Franciscan Friars.
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