"I Was Told I Couldn't Be Seen Unless I Submitted to the Test" - By Peter Meakly-Gunn

I thought you might like to know what's happening at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as this Coronavirus nonsense continues to ripple throughout our society. As you're all aware, the reproba…
Dr Bobus
Why rage at someone whose job is just to make appointments?

The VA is a run by a huge bureaucracy, and that produces disadvantages for patients. The advantage is that medical care is free.
rage ! she willingly represents the policies, she can feed it back to her 'masters' or get another job
Dr Bobus
Likewise, the man who was complaining can go somewhere else for health care. Dealing with the VA can be a royal pain in the neck. On the other hand, it is free medical treatment.
"We spent twenty minutes on the phone and, believe me, she got schooled! I'm not proud of it, but I reduced her to literal tears." He also didn't get an appointment. ;-)
God bless you. I just got an email saying that my doctor's office is now open again. I need to make that appointment but I'm hesitant because that test is painful and I refuse to do it just to put my doctor's staff at ease.
Try and go to another doctor if possible.
"Another doctor" costs money.. Remember, the VA is supposed to be free for veterans. Again, it's another extra-legal power-grab in the form of emerging "Covid" policy.
@Ultraviolet hence my writing "if possible".
It can be possible and still prohibitively expensive. ;-)
If something is prohibitive to you, it's not possible to you. Keep trying.
Here is Peggy Hall on the use of masks; she’s done her homework

She is so determined and bright and pleasant, but tired of being lied to,
and of _their_using language to control us. Masks don't work to prevent the spread
of a virus, and create hypoxia; lack of oxygen in the body.
Never forget that masks didn't work until hamsters proved it.