It is a lovely, instructive video, but when I think of older people and those with poorer eyesight in general, it might be really hard for them to read the texts. Would you consider make the print a bit bigger and bolder?

Thank you for sharing with us!
The pontificate of Pope St. Pius X was solid Catholic orthodoxy. There was no room for ambiguity in church teaching and doctrine. I was very blessed today to venerate a relic from this great pope. To restore all things in Chirst. Pope St Pius X, guard the pontificate of our Pope Benedict XVI.
holyrope 3
Simple but orthodox Catholic
To Holy Rope 3: Thank you so much for this posting!
Christus vincit Christus regnat Christus imperat
Viva il Papa!
holyrope 3
Pope St Pius X, Feast Day - Sept 3rd. Known as the most popular Pope of the 20th century. Pope Pius X, Pray for us!