Still believe the "keeping you safe" narrative?

A Policeman in London is punching a woman old enough to be his mother in the stomach then throwing her to the floor. All in the name of "keeping you safe"
Augustyn z Hippony
To Serve and Protect... comunists and deviation!
and pseudo-christians.
@V.R.S. Notably French ones. ;-) Example two. I'm linking an Arab site since so many French women prefer bold, masculine Arab imports to the weak domestic product... for obvious reasons.
Our Lady of Sorrows
Also due to speak at London anti- Lockdown protest Dr.Heiko Schoning arrested by 50 Policemen, Boris & Co. really frightened by the truth

If it's possible, @DefendTruth would you mind removing the profanity from your article title? I mean, this is a Catholic site, y'know? ;-) As for the UK police, it's not unfair to say they seize on these incidents to indulge their violent dispositions Case in point ...and that had nothing to do with keeping anyone safe.
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