Monsignor Perlasca Brought Down Cardinal Becciu

Monsignor Alberto Perlasca supplied documentation which incriminated Cardinal Becciu, writes LaStampa.it (September 30).

For years, Perlasca was the head of the administrative office of the First Section of the Secretariat of State which manages almost €700 Mio.

In August 2019 he was suddenly transferred to the Apostolic Signatura and later fired.

Becciu could be charged not only with embezzlement but also with aiding and abetting. One case is likely the lawyer Nicola Squillace (Libonati Jaeger law firm) who received €200,000 for a generic legal advice assignment and more than €150,000 for a series of professionals indicated by him.

Immediately afterwards he issued another invoice for €364’000 which the Vatican refused to pay. However, Squillace managed to circumvent the veto and even to receive €17’000 more. A total of €711’000 was swallowed up by inexplicable consulting services.

The Italian businessman Gianluigi Torzi whom the Vatican arrested in June, invoiced €5 Mio as consultancy for other real estate transactions proposed to the Vatican:

- a hotel in the San Siro area, Milan
- a palace in Piazza Cavour, Milan
- a building on New York's 5th Avenue
- a hotel for the Dubai Expo.

There is not only the Sloane Avenue building in London. The Vatican Secretariat of State also invested another £100 million in luxury flats in London in Cadogan Square and Knightsbridge.

Picture: Angelo Becciu, © Mazur/cbcew.org.uk, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsElboyvhptl

GJA Taylor
Almighty and Eternal God show your mercy to Christ's very bad Vicar, before his death, grant him a Pauline Conversion.