Once on Mount Athos there was a monk who got drunk every day

Once on Mount Athos there was a monk who got drunk every day and was the cause of scandal to the pilgrims. Eventually he died and this relieved some …
Only God can judge.
michael newman
Actually we judge all the time..and MUST do..with a well formed conscience we must judge every day between good and evil..we mustn’t judge people..but we MUST judge their actions and avoid wrongdoers like an alcoholic monk..or a paedophile bishop..or a pachamama worshiping pope who tries to misinterpret Christ’s teaching..that is prudence and good for your soul
Beautiful story.
The world for years saw an alcoholic monk who scandalized the pilgrims, but God saw a fighter who fought a long struggle to reduce his passion.
michael newman
How very Fransican…could we then also extrapolate about a boy who was sexually molested and grew up confused about his sexuality and became a Bishop but from his childhood experience ended up himself abusing boys…which he struggled with but managed to reduce etc etc etc….where the world saw a paedophile infact he was…a paedophile
Alex A
Hm, mm? 🤔
michael newman
I’m trying to be facetious…even the heaviest alcoholic can detox in two weeks. Weaning to a stop never works..the AA are very clear on this..total abstinence is the only way..