Bishop of Columbus in trouble

This year Francis named Earl Fernandes bishop of Columbus, replacing Robert Brennan who was transferred to Brooklyn. broke the news: Forme…
Louis IX
I don’t understand the headline. How is his Excellency in trouble?
Louis IX
The Diocese is moving in a Catholic direction, not a Conservative direction.
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"Gentilini, who has been civilly married to his partner for 41 years, said the Paulista Fathers have made him feel welcome in the church. At the Newman Center, Gentilini goes to confession, attends Mass and participates in Eucharistic adoration."
Malki Tzedek
I have to side with the bishop on this one. The Paulists are a far cry from what there were when I grew up in a parish staffed by them. Like too many orders, they have diluted their mission with too much woke theology. The students would be better served by religious who follow Christ rather than a secular ideological version of Him.
John A Cassani
The Paulists I have encountered are not only woke, but they are unambiguously gay, both in their ministry and personal comportment. The only decent Paulist I know of these days is Fr. Paul Sirico of the Acton Institute, who clearly doesn’t have very much to do with the Paulists at this point.
Bonnie Louise
Who was once flamingly gay, look it up.
John A Cassani
He will receive no backing from anyone who matters. Conservative pastors have the same problem when they try to move a parish in the right direction, and this was so before 2013, and I can only imagine it has gotten much worse. The message is very clear: revolution is the only trajectory that will be tolerated these days.
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