Vatican clarifies: Pope does NOT support homosexual civil unions

Photo ~ Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi has become the busiest man in Rome.

ROME, January 6, 2014 ( – After some Italian journalists reported that remarks about a lesbian fiancee made by Pope Francis during a Q&A showed that the pope is open to the homosexual civil union legislation currently being considered in Italy, the Vatican has issued a statement denying those media reports.

The reports are the latest in a spate of media portrayals that paint Pope Francis as open to homosexuality, which reached its apex with the selection of Pope Francis as person of the year by the homosexual activist magazine The Advocate.

A Vatican clarification issued today to Vatican radio noted, however, that the pope did not take a position on the civil unions legislation in his remarks, which predated the debate in Italy.

Fr. Lombardi called the media’s portrayal of the pope’s remarks as an “opening to gay couples” a "stretch" and "paradoxical," “because even the small concrete example made by the Pope about (a girl who is sad because her mother’s girlfriend does not love her) alludes to the suffering of children ...”

The Vatican spokesman concluded, “The pope absolutely did not express himself on the debate that reopened in Italy only a month later, and whoever recalls the positions manifested by him in precedence in Argentina on the occasion of analogous debates knows well that they were completely different from those that some now seek surreptitiously to attribute to him.”
Prof. Leonard Wessell
There is sort of a joke, viz., puzzle in classes on semantics. "I say what I mean, because what I mean is what I say." Try to figure that one out. Our beloved Pope has added a twist. "I say what I do not mean, and I mean what I do not say. (...pause...) And thank God there is a Fr. Lombardi who knows what I do not mean although I say it." How is that for enlightening?