Torn Apart by Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

"...our current inability to live freely, happily, and in common, is owing to the fact that our lives, liberties, and pursuits are the sorts of things we now define for ourselves, rather than being dimensions of a given, common reality that defines us."

Politicians in the U.S. are on a no-apology tour pushing a pro-life stance as one born only from faith in God, and more narrowly, belonging to a particular group of those who profess faith in God and not all. Vice President Kamila Harris stated recently, "having an abortion does not require anyone to abandon their faith".

It isn't only our faith that informs us that life in the womb of a human mother is human life. But it IS faith in God that informs us that our lives, liberties and desire for good pursuits are given to us by God.

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