No Surprise: The Germans Impart Invalid Or Doubtful Confirmations

Würzburg Auxiliary Bishop Ulrich Boom used cotton swabs to (invalidly) confer Confirmation, reports (October 8).

The same was done before in Milan and Naples, Italy.

Apart from contradictory opinions regarding the validity of Confirmations performed with instruments, Acts 8:17 states that Confirmation is imparted by laying on of the hands (not cotton swabs).

Therefore, the Holy Office declared in 1885 that Orthodox Confirmations performed with a brush are doubtful and must be repeated. Most theologians in the early 20th century concluded that the matter of Confirmation ist the laying on of the hands.

The 1917 Codex of Canon Law explicitly forbade the use of instruments at Confirmation. Also the 1983 Codex of Canon law explains that Confirmation is conferred “by the anointing of chrism on the forehead, which is done by the imposition of the hand.“


Roberto 55
He tested poor boy for covid 19 and after test bishop used the same cotton swab for his hocus pocus.
Imagine how bad Catholics of today are that God has allowed Francis as pope (if he is) and bishops such as this.
This is the church of surprise of Francis who is surely a pope just like Paul VI is a saint, the Roman rite is an extraordinary form of the renewed Roman rite, Vatican II is orthodox and so on. Any and all winking here will be classified as a symptom of Coronavirus.
This is madness! Why not just wash your hands after the ceremony? You know like all those "health experts" have been telling us for the past 8+ months.