Gay-Leather-Retreat-Priest Lectures Again In A "Catholic" Parish

Passionist Father Tom Bonacci who was ordained in 1972, will speak during a March 13 online lecture for the homosex Most Holy Redeemer Parish in San Francisco. calls this the “gayest” parish in the US. For more than a decade, Bonacci who is known for his homosex stance, has been a regular speaker in this parish. In an October 2017 post, Sciambra mentioned previous scandals produced by Bonacci.

In 2009, Bonacci spoke at a congress of the homosex Dignity National Convention. wrote later that “Bonacci’s lecture was interspersed with many quips to help him make a point. For example, he joked about the disciple 'whom Jesus loved' (John 13:22) by saying 'Perfect love doesn’t love anybody.'” Bonacci meant to say: meaning perfect "love" loves everybody, to wit, is also "homosexual.”

In 2013, Bonacci was to serve as a “retreat master” at a “leather and spirituality” retreat for a group called the "Defenders of Dignity." According to their website, the Defenders believe in the "the sacredness of our leather sexuality" and explores practical ways of integrating "sexuality and spirituality.” After the announcement had produced a scandal, this “retreat” was cancelled.
We're practically at the point where anyone being scandalized by this stuff is a victory.
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Subversives, they are not Catholics, just parasites.