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Austria, Proclaiming Catholic Doctrine on Homosexuality Is A Crime

On September 5, Günther S., the editor of was convicted in Vienna, Austria, of an alleged "incitement against homosexuals". He received a suspended four month sentence. The decision can be appealed.

In a December 2015 article, Günther S. had called practiced homosexuality “fornication” and “anomaly” in keeping with Catholic doctrine. Further he stated that syphilis is a “punishment of God”. His lawyer showed at the court that these statements are part of Catholic moral doctrine.

Judge Gerald Wagner did not question that the phrases are Catholic teaching but called them a “humiliation” of homosexuals.

In February 2015 charges were pressed against militant gay protestors who displayed in Vienna posters with the text: “Fist Christians?” Austrian prosecutors refused to start an investigation calling this "part of a pluralistic dialogue and freedom of speech".

In Germany it is legal to call the Catholic Church a "child f*ck*r sect."

Picture: © Chris Potter, CC BY, #newsDunnuewbmv
Quite, however, if I am not mistaken, the Roman Catholic Church (as per the Catechism) does not call any STD a "punishment of God". Yet again, it is the mixing of truth with untruth that makes these reports diminish in credibility.
paul grech
A decadent society suppresses the truth and punishes the righteous.