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Is pseudo Pope Francis a schismatic? www.youtube.com/watch A New York Times journalist asked Bergoglio: On the flight to Maputo you acknowledged ... there is strong criticism from some bishops …More
Is pseudo Pope Francis a schismatic?


A New York Times journalist asked Bergoglio: On the flight to Maputo you acknowledged ... there is strong criticism from some bishops and cardinals, there are Catholic Television stations and websites that are very critical ... against you. Are you afraid of a schism...?

Before giving a commentary, we should become aware of the basic distinguishing criteria concerning Francis Bergoglio:

1) Is Bergoglio a valid Pope or is he a heretic?

Answer: He is a heretic, and hence an invalid Pope!

2) Does Bergoglio preach heresies or does he defend the orthodox teaching?

Answer: He preaches heresies by both word and gesture and purposefully destroys the orthodox teaching.

3) Are Bergoglio’s teachings and reforms in accordance with the teaching of the Scripture and Tradition of the Church?

Answer: No! Quite the contrary!

Bergoglio breaks God’s commandments as well as the universally valid moral principles. He promotes, by both word and gesture, gender ideology, Islamization, neopaganism and now even pagan Satanism through the Amazon Synod. He has never stood in defence of faith and morals against heresies, or against the laws that privilege perversion and introduce discrimination against Christians and moral people. He has never stood in defence of innocent parents from whom their children are stolen en masse by the juvenile justice system. He has never stood against the spread of occultism associated with pagan practices, divination and magic, and what is more, he wants to sanctify and legalize these practices in the Church through Amazonia. It is a denial of the First Commandment and it is madness! A tree is known by its fruit. Bergoglio’s fruit is pernicious and causes a mass poisoning of the faithful. According to Gal 1:8-9 and according to the Dogmatic Bull of Paul IV, he is excommunicated from the Church as a heretic and holds the office unlawfully. He deceives not only Catholics but the whole world.
The Apostle John writes: “Whoever transgresses the doctrine of Christ does not have God. He who abides in the doctrine of Christ has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him into your house nor greet him; for he who greets him shares in his evil deeds.” (2Jn 1:9-11) St John speaks here about deceivers and antichrists, one of whom is Bergoglio.

The journalist asked Francis about criticism against him, his self-criticism and a schism.

Quote by Francis: First of all, criticism always helps, always.

Response: Unfortunately, well-founded criticism never helps Bergoglio, never indeed! He cynically pursues his goal – to destroy the Church! By his answer he just manipulates the believers in order to look virtuous, to deceive them and to win back their trust.

Quote by Bergoglio: To criticize without wanting to hear a response and without getting into dialogue is not to have the good of the Church at heart; it is chasing after a fixed idea, to change the Pope or to create a schism. This is clear: a fair criticism is always well received, at least by me.

Response: A fair criticism from the four Cardinals of his heretical exhortation Amoris Laetitia did not hear a response even until the death of two of them. For years he has owed a response to the Filial Correction of many theologians. Neither has he given a response to the petition of 800,000 Catholics, including cardinals, archbishops and bishops. They asked whether same-sex marriage was in agreement with the teaching of the Church. No response to this day! When Archbp. Viganò came out with a specific case of criminal sexual abuse in the Church, Bergoglio said to the mass media: I will not say a word about that! This is his response. And when he expressed himself after a year, Archbp. Viganò had to convict him of publicly telling lies. This is Bergoglio’s dialogue, this is his having the good of the Church at heart.

Quote by Bergoglio: ...the problem of the schism... After the First Vatican Council, after the last vote, the one on infallibility, a well-sized group left and founded the Old Catholic Church so as to remain ‘true’ to the tradition of the Church. Then they went astray and now they ordain women. But in that moment they were rigid, they rallied behind orthodoxy and thought that the council had erred.

Response: Bergoglio uses this seemingly true argument for purposeful and clever manipulation. He knows exactly how to intimidate Catholics, especially the orthodox ones. In other words, those who want to be saved and to be separated from him – a heretic – are said to have gone astray. They will allegedly end up like the Old Catholic Church which now ordains women. This is indeed clever manipulation. But it is Bergoglio who has gone astray! Through Amazonia he prepares the abolition of celibacy and the ordination of women, and even the transition to paganism and Satanism. According to his theory, all orthodox Popes have gone astray. They are not in unity with him, so they are schismatics. Pope Honorius defended the heresies of Monothelitism, wherefore he was posthumously excommunicated from the Church. The heresies preached by Bergoglio are far worse than the heresies of Pope Honorius.

Question: Why did Francis give an order for this interview on the issue of an upcoming schism in the Church?

Answer: Bergoglio takes into consideration that tension in the Church will increase before the Amazon Synod because there are strong reasons and arguments from many bishops and cardinals. He needs to intimidate Catholics and to paralyse the bishops and priests who join Archbp. Viganò in demanding his abdication. That is why his answers in the interview are intended to rebuild his reputation. He claims to be a self-critical person, to learn from criticism, to be orthodox and to have the good of the Church at heart. By this manipulative interview and lies, he refutes the valid arguments of those who convict him. Bergoglio is well familiar with the Catholic mentality and he knows that Catholics will uncritically believe his professional lies even though he is a heretic. He refuses to answer the most fundamental question as to whether he is a valid or invalid Pope, being a heretic. He also avoids answering the question whether he is willing to prevent a so-called schism by resigning from office and giving place to an orthodox Pope. Only an orthodox Pope can carry out a true reform of the Church.

Quote by Bergoglio: It was the people of God who saved... And when there was a discussion in the council of Ephesus regarding Mary’s divine maternity, the people were at the entrance of the cathedral while the bishops entered... They were there with clubs. They made the bishops see them as they shouted, “Mother of God!”, as if to say: if you do not do this, this is what you can expect... The people of God always correct and help. A schism ... stems from an ideology detached from doctrine.

Response: Bergoglio consciously implants gender ideology and other heresies into doctrine. And as for the people with clubs, it would be necessary that the people of God should come to the Vatican with clubs and make him and the bishops who are going to adopt his heretical documents on Amazonia see them as they will shout: “if you approve these heresies, this is what you can expect!”

Bergoglio has purposefully seized the office and has a clear programme which he follows stopping at nothing. He seeks to destroy the Church in stages and to convert it into a New Age anti-Church. The previous Synods likewise served the purpose by their promotion of gender ideology. Now the Amazon Synod is to become the crucial point in the destruction of the Church.

Quote by Bergoglio: This is clear: a fair criticism is always well received, at least by me. ... I respond to criticism. If someone comes out with something I have to do, I will do it to help.

Response: Archbp. Viganò furnished evidence of his terrible crimes. Instead of a true and repentant confession, he grossly defamed the Archbishop and labelled him as the servant of Satan and the accuser of the brethren. Only after a year he responded to the accusation by publicly lying. He said that he had not covered up McCarrick’s crimes and that he had not even known about them.

Genocidal gender ideology leads to the destruction of Christianity and the annihilation of mankind. Bergoglio promotes these currents with extraordinary activity. He does not encourage homosexuals to true repentance but rather approves and legalizes their sin. This is a crime against God and the Church. By his gesture of kissing the feet of a transsexual, he promotes an ideology which reduces young people into mental and physical cripples. He thus becomes responsible for the most serious crimes against humanity.

Quote by Bergoglio: ...a morality based on a so-called pelagian ideology leads you to rigidity, and today we have many schools of rigidity within the Church, which are not schisms, but pseudo-schismatic Christian developments that will end badly. When you see rigid Christians, bishops, priests, there are problems behind that, not Gospel holiness.

Response: The basis of Gospel holiness is repentance and observance of Christ’s commandments. Bergoglio, however, breaks them and rejects repentance. He ridicules orthodox bishops, priests and believers. He has disgracefully branded them as pelagians and pseudo-schismatics.

As for rigidity, Francis had already spoken about it during the flight from Panama. He said he was in favour of sexual education in schools without strictness. Francis wants sex for children without strictness, i.e. without restraint! This is a serious crime!

In this interview, however, he uses the term “rigid” to destroy the supporters of moral principles and God’s commandments. Moral bishops, priests and believers who still have the saving faith are considered by him hidden schismatics. He thus proves who he really is.

Now the question arises: If an apocalyptic antichrist arose today, could he destroy the Church more effectively than it is being done by the heretic Bergoglio?

Quote by Bergoglio: A schism is always an elitist separation stemming from an ideology detached from doctrine.

Response: This is absolutely true about pseudo Pope Bergoglio. His elite is the homosexual network in the Church with its suicidal ideology. The same applies to the Amazon Synod with the spirit of pagan Satanism.

Quote by Bergoglio: I pray that schisms do not happen, but I am not afraid of them.

Response: What answer can one expect from him? It is like asking a thief if he is a thief or a deceiver if he is a deceiver or a heretic if he is a heretic. All of them will conceal the essence and assertively emphasize inessential truths to deceive you. The tragedy is that the majority of Catholics let themselves be deceived by Bergoglio again and again, the result being their temporal harm and eternal destruction.

What to say in conclusion?

Every sensible person, be it a Catholic or a non-Catholic, can see that Bergoglio’s teachings, gestures and steps are in glaring contradiction with the 2000-year-old teaching of the Church. His apostate path leads those who obey and believe him to eternal damnation. To be in unity with him on the road to hell, being afraid of an alleged schism, is a loss of elementary Christian discernment. The only solution for a Catholic today is: to separate from this dangerous heretic! Many heretics and the entire homosexual network will remain in line with him. To be separated from them is no schism. It is salvation and purification of the Church! Bergoglio, along with them, can then convert to the Satanic anti-Church of the New Age.
Let priests, out of love for Christ and the truth, stop mentioning the name of this heretic in the Holy Mass and let bishops in these extraordinary circumstances elect an orthodox Pope in an extraordinary election. This is now the sine qua non condition for true restoration of the Church.

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

19 September 2019