Even the best Novus Ordo liturgy is only such because of the personal preference of the celebrant.

The Problem of the "Reverent Novus Ordo"

1.bp.blogspot.com/…/parish.jpg For much of my life as a Catholic, I attended what most would call a "reverent Novus Ordo." For some Catholics who …
“The Novus Ordo at its best is still an exemplar of what is worst about it. What bizarre irony.“

So therefore it is down to CHANCE ! (Not rite) The same chance that my son is alive today and not aborted! Not just my son but all your children are not here by the Right of Law but chance! Let’s get rid of chance in the liturgy and civil law.
F M Shyanguya
Paraphrasing Cardinal Arinze, ‘let the faithful worship in peace and not in pieces.’
Exactly, new right mass is false on all levels. Hopefully the new Holy Pope that rises up, will ban Vatican 2 and all’s it’s error forever....
Jim Dorchak
You mean that if you take the NO and try and make it as much like the Mass of The Ages, The Latin Mass, then you will have a good Mass?

That is kind of like going to a buffet and NOT getting the entre, dessert bar and a glass of wine.... Why do it if the whole buffet is available?
Maybe it is just more cool to be less holy? Not sure.