France: Law Against “Islamism” Hits/Means the Church

The French Parliament is debating a law "to strengthen respect for the principles of the Republic” which is officially directed against Islam.

Article 27 wants that registered religious associations – every French diocese is one – which enjoy certain tax advantages and access to public subsidies, must submit every five years a declaration of “religious quality.”

For the Church, this is an undue form of control. Therefore, it proposes that renewal should be automatic, and be questioned only if problems arise.

Another article requires cultural associations to sign a "contract of republican commitment" although they are already committed to respect French laws.

The bishops also worry about an attempt to forbid home-schooling, allegedly to stop Quran schools. However, this mesure will hit many Catholic parents.

Picture: © islamicus, Flickr CC BY-NC-SA, #newsRxdouwhjom

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