Hero Mary Wagner pleads with Ireland to reject abortion

Ireland will vote on May 25th on whether to repeal their 8th Amendment that protects the life of the unborn.

"Until this very day, Ireland has stood out brightly among most other western nations by continuing to make room for the littlest of our brothers and sisters.... You have safeguarded these tiniest of children respecting their unique and only viable habitat.

Ireland continues to have one of the highest rates of maternal health in the world. You should be proud of the standard of care that you give to mothers and their unborn children. You are an example to the world.

As you continue to care for mothers and their unborn children you show the world that you will not give credence to a gravely erroneous yet prevalent mentality that challenges sometimes posed by pregnancies can justify killing the child before birth...

(Follow the link below to listen to Hero Mary Wagner's full comments.)

You have refused to 'go with the flow', which is the flow of blood [from abortion] which is neatly concealed from the public eye"...

Abortion does nothing for women, but it wounds them deeply.

When a woman has an abortion she consents to the killing of her child, and sometimes she is forced into this. This is not a right but a terrible defeat for women. She is the mother of a dead baby. She has been sent the message that her baby was not worth fighting for, so it is an attack on her motherhood. She is sold the lie that it will solve her problem.

But the problem is not the baby. The problem is the circumstances which are hostile to welcoming this new life.

Each newly conceived life calls on the world to make room for him or her. The answer is love and assistance, not pitting mother against child, not the brutal destruction of life.

Please do not be deceived by propaganda that would have you believe that abortion is necessary for women.

Please speak up. Do not be afraid to defend little babies. Do not be afraid to say that abortion is not healthcare. Do not be afraid to affirm the right to live and the dignity of the severely disabled child. Do not be afraid to say that abortion hurts and does not help a woman who has been traumatized by rape and that a child that has been conceived as a result of rape has a right to be protected from the violence of abortion.

Listen to Mary Wagner's comments in full here.
@alexamarie, we have been praying to "everyone," but came across a prayer to St. Rita last night, so my kids and I gave her a percentage we want the referendum "No vote" to achieve. If she gets it, we will be spreading her devotion as promised!
Praying for Ireland and America. St. Rita, I ask for a miracle. Please don't let Ireland allow abortion and end Abortion in America. I ask this in Jesus name, I pray. Amen.. All the Angels and Saints, Pray with us and for us. Amen.