Vatican: Former President of Germany on Advertising Mission for Suicidal Way

Francis - who in September had no time for Hero Cardinal Zen - took time out on Friday to receive former German President Christian Wulff.

After the meeting, Wulff, a formal "Catholic", said that he had came to "promote the [German] Synodal Way."

Wulff presented Francis with a facsimile of the painting "The Refugee" by Felix Nussbaum. "Refugee" is a code word which aims at presenting illegal immigration which is wanted by the oligarchs in a better light.

As a divorced man, who at a Protestant ceremony in a "Catholic" church promised himself to another woman, Wulff is an ideal ambassador for the suicidal path.

Picture: Vatican media, #newsQmuuozltan

Perfect! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Speaking of subtexts, the painting shows a man doing a double -face-palm, an apt visual reaction to Francis' left-wing ideology. :D