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Scenes like this are frequently seen in places such as France in defense of the immemorial liturgical rites. Take note.
While the modern tendency is to shudder and whisper of "disobedience" one should take a page from the lessons of church history, particularly pre-Tridentine church history, and realize that Catholics have frequently had to rise up in defense of, even in revolt for, their traditions -- and frequently it was precisely because of this sort of popular resistance that the Church has been compelled to respond. The Church herself, in acting so, has taught us this lesson; this modus operandi. This is how she operates. We, the faithful, the simple cleric for that matter, are not subjugated pawns with neither voice nor rights, mere objects with no value, and in this regard we are certainly indeed in perfect alignment with the documents of the Second Vatican Council when we stand up and let our voices be heard, recognizing this for what it is: injustice; unabashed, unbridled, clericalism.
So... we resist.
While being charitable we must also be clear: "Your Excellency, Your Holiness, with all due respect, and with all due love for the Church and your respective offices, we will not receive this; please withdraw from this needless conflict and let peace reign."
Is this not a case of "non serviam" some might ask? No. Obedience cannot be looked at in simple, binary terms nor through the simple lens of power; it must be looked at contextually, historically and within a broader complexity and schema of issues. Most are only too happy to serve -- I daresay they even long to serve -- however we do not serve at the altar of mere power or authority; we rather serve the true, the good and the beautiful from which all true and legitimate expressions and utilizations of power and authority are ultimately derived.
No, we do indeed serve, but we will not be abused, nor will we be subjected the violence of injustice or trampled upon or treated as pawns. We will not stand silently and idly by and watch our patrimony be taken from us.
So... we resist -- precisely as part of our service.
"Catholics have frequently had to rise up in defense of, even in revolt for, their traditions." --That got you excommunicated, Abp. Lefebvre. :P