Cat: I'll take some of this chicken and you will take a yogurt since you don't have too many teeth.
Clever kitty sells the positive... the yogurt is sweet and creamy. You'll like that. The chicken is salty and chewy, trust me you'll hate it.
Ave Crux
That cat has clearly been allowed too frequent access to that refrigerator..... 🤭
My (adult) children recently bought "cat yogurt" for our cat from the local pet store. There is no end to pet pampering in the U.S.! I have a niece who has cat beds all over her house for two cats and, of course, the cat rests on her backpack instead.
Besides the babie still in dippers and should not use too much solid foods says the cat
Ja, das ist lustig. Wer keinen Kontakt mehr zu lebendigen Tieren hat, kann vieles über die Beziehung zwischen Mensch und Tier im Internet lernen. Meine Wildvögelfütterung ist eine einzige Lektion.