For Whom? New Trendy Invocations To Joseph’s Litany

Francis added on May 1 seven new invocations to the Litany of St. Joseph which mostly reflect his private pet ideas:

Guardian of the Redeemer,
Servant of Christ
Minister of Health
Help in difficulties
Patron of Refugees
Patron of the Afflicted
Patron of the Poor

Bishops' Conferences can add other invocations which are supposedly "common" in their countries. In reality, the Litany of Joseph - and the litanies in general - have almost entirely fallen out of use in the Novus Ordo Church.


Change, change change.. of litanies, of the Rosary, of the Way of the Cross (John Paul II) change everything and at the end remains nothing anymore.
la verdad prevalece
@NovusOrdoWatch ·
Sat May 1st, 2021
Francis is trying to make himself look devoted to St Joseph with cheap stunts like this. And then he goes and tells Muslims to read the Koran and stick to the religion of their parents.
Lisi Sterndorfer
Minister of Salvation (Minister salutis) was used by St. John Chrysostom & quoted by JPII in Redemptoris Custos
It seems everybody is getting more creative because of the lockdown