Catholic Manifesto and Spiritual Mobilization on the Day of Resurrection, 4 April 2021 (+ video)

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Catholic Manifesto and Spiritual Mobilization on the Day of Resurrection, 4 April 2021

The condition for Christ to rise from the dead in the Church and for the Church to be filled with spiritual power is true repentance. It requires taking concrete steps. One must admit the truth and break with lies! Topical issues concerning the current state of the Catholic Church are summarized in seven points:

1) The highest authority of the Church – the papacy – has been abused for her self-destruction!

Every bishop, every priest, and every Catholic is faced with the most essential question: Is Bergoglio a true Catholic and valid Pope, even though he proclaims the gravest heresies in word and gesture? He publicly denies God’s commandments and objectively valid moral norms (Amoris Laetitia), promotes the legalization of sodomitic unions (2020), enthrones the Pachamama demon in the main basilica of the Church (2019), and promotes genocidal vaccination (2020). Bergoglio cooperates with top Masons on the Great Reset (Laudato Si) and climate changes with the secret aim of destroying conditions of life on this earth. By promoting a fatally dangerous mRNA vaccine, he promotes a change in the human genome, which is a crime against humanity resulting in the gradual extermination of the human race.

The modified RNA vaccine is also part of the chipping process that the Bible warns against, saying that the punishment is the lake of fire. This vaccine contains tissue torn from an aborted child while still alive, a clear manifestation of Satanism. The current vaccination pursues the genocide of humanity, as stated by its main agitator Gates: “If we do a great job on vaccines, we will reduce the population by 10-15%!” However, the Club of Rome plans to destroy all of humanity, except for a so-called golden billion.

The agenda advocated and promoted by the false Pope Bergoglio is the agenda of the antichrist rather than a servant of Christ. Everyone who has the voice of reason in their heads and does not deceive themselves must see it. It is patently obvious that Bergoglio is a false Pope who has opposed Christ, the Church and humanity, and he is also a mass criminal. He is thus an invalid Pope, and one must not obey him or submit to him. If anyone obeys him, he publicly renounces Christ and His teachings, and accepts the agenda of satanization. Such a one is doomed to eternal damnation!

Therefore, every bishop, every priest and every Catholic must renounce this Judas and servant of the satanization system. Bergoglio, along with the whole system, must be deprived of power over the external church structure. He excluded himself from the Church of Christ long ago because of his heresies. If he or his followers continue to be kept in the papal office by the behind-the-scenes elite, no truly Catholic bishop, priest or believer can belong to this Bergoglian anti-Church. The only way out is a radical separation from Bergoglio and his New Age anti-Church having the spirit of antichrist.

2) The attitude of a true Christian towards the Second Vatican Council

Without the Second Vatican Council, Bergoglio could not have been helped by the lobbyists to the papacy. The Council was devised by John XXIII, who is known to have been on the list of Modernists, ie heretics, as early as 1911. His programme of aggiornamento with the world is a betrayal of the cross of Christ and a betrayal of the primary mission of the Church, which is the salvation of immortal souls. The Council served to potentially endorse the heresies of Modernism through the so-called academic historical-critical method, which is built on an atheistic basis and denies the supernatural in the Bible. It separates the Christ of history from the Christ of false faith – the Christ of myth. It thus denies Jesus Christ’s divinity and the miracles performed as well as His historical and real resurrection. It de facto questions the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. In the post-conciliar period, this spirit of atheism has occupied all theological faculties and become the new sentire cum ecclesia.

The Council was obliged to call this heresy by its proper name and to condemn it in the same way as Pius X had done in 1907. Pope John XXIII, on the contrary, appointed the adherents of this heresy as moderators of the Council. Paul VI signed the heretical documents of the Council. With Nostra Aetate, the Council itself opened the door to syncretism with paganism. A regard for other religions de facto brought along a regard for their demons. And this is a sin against the First Commandment, as also the heresies of Modernism. The current moral decay is the result of heresies and of the spirit of atheistic Modernism and pagan syncretism. This process of decay was secretly enforced at the Council. The so-called post-conciliar spirit was the spirit of apostasy. It degraded the saving doctrine. It is a spirit that is in unity with the spirit of this world. It is necessary for every bishop, priest and believer to distance himself from the apostate spirit of Vatican II and from its pernicious fruit that we are reaping today.

3) Conciliar and post-conciliar Popes

Their canonizations are false and must be annulled. They are invalid firstly because they were declared by the apostate and heretic Bergoglio, and secondly because the three pseudo-saints in question bear full responsibility for the tragic state in which the Church now finds herself. John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II are ipso facto excluded from the Church for their heretical attitudes. They all were of one mind with the spirit of this world, with the spirit of aggiornamento, and with those who rule this world. At a critical time, these Popes, apostates, failed to stand up for the restoration of the Church and for the return to the living Christ as had been done by St Pius X. On the contrary, they created the conditions for the current catastrophic state. If Pius X, a true saint, had been in their place, the process of destruction would have been stopped.

4) The demand of the time – true repentance

A bishop who has been deceived by the abused supreme authority must now oppose and separate from Bergoglio. If he does not separate from Bergoglio and continues to recognize him as a rightful Pope, it is a public sign of betrayal of Christ Himself and of His teachings. The bishop concerned thus brings himself under the anathema that has been placed on Bergoglio. Priests and believers must separate themselves from such an apostate Bergoglian bishop and must not obey him; otherwise they exclude themselves from the Church of Christ for their unity with apostasy. It is necessary to distinguish the ecclesiastical structure occupied and abused by Bergoglio from the Church of Christ, whose membership is a guarantee of salvation. Today, the structure is fully controlled, occupied and abused by the Bergoglian sect.

To save the papacy, it is therefore necessary to accept a lawful and true Catholic Pope who will put himself at the head of true Catholics. Here an obligation arises for true Catholic bishops to ask Archbishop C. M. Viganò to accept the papacy and to stand at the head of sincere Catholics in the external structure of the Church of Christ. This step must necessarily be taken even at the cost of true Catholics, faithful to Christ’s teachings and Tradition, becoming a catacomb Church.

5) Every bishop and priest must clearly oppose dangerous mRNA vaccination

The mRNA vaccination is associated with a system of face masks, respirators and absurd testing. Bishops and priests must clearly warn their faithful on the basis of true information from solid medical experts. Bergoglio cynically boycotts them. Every bishop and priest must also clearly oppose climate engineering, which nowadays pursues genocide too. Bergoglio cunningly promotes all this!

6) A call for spiritual mobilization – constant prayer!

It is quite clear that the deviousness and power of satanization introduced by the antichristian system, which Bergoglio’s ecclesiastical structure is in line with, cannot be overcome by human strength. We therefore call on the whole Catholic world to mobilize spiritually. Continuous prayer is made up of prayer watches based on Jesus’ promise: “And will not God bring about justice for His chosen ones, who cry out to Him day and night? Will He keep putting them off? I tell you, He will see that they get justice, and quickly.” (Lk 18:7) One prayer group needs 23 people to cover the day, as there is one hour set aside, namely from 8 to 9 pm, when all members pray (see, May every bishop, every priest and every Christian join the prayer watches! May parents and children, pensioners and young people join them. Christians and people of good will will then be saved by God’s intervention!

7) Easter – a spiritual turning point

May all Catholics of the world boycott absurd lockdowns, even at the cost of persecution or great sacrifice, and gather outside churches on the day of Christ’s resurrection, 4 April 2021. Let them sing and glorify the resurrection of Christ. With this gesture, they will profess their faith in the Risen Lord, come out of passivity, and break the satanic bonds! There will be a spiritual breakthrough!

Through this gesture of faith, they will allow Christ to work in them as He did in the apostles, who finally gave up their lives as martyrs for Christ. The blood of martyrs also flows in the veins of brave Christians. It is better to die a martyr for Christ than to be chipped like cattle and gradually destroyed by the satanic system. Lift up your hearts! For Christ and for the salvation of immortal souls!

Dear Catholic bishops, priests and believers! What are you waiting for? If you stand up for Christ, you cannot lose anything. If you lose your life for the sake of Christ and His Gospel, Jesus promises that you will gain it back. (Mk 8:34) But if you want to save your life by collaborating with satanic vaccination, you will lose both this earthly life and eternal life. These are the words of Jesus. This appeal obliges each of you in conscience. This is what God requires of each of you. You will be accountable for this letter at the hour of death and on the Day of Judgment. You will either be a traitor or a hero. You will either be saved or condemned. Everyone has to make a choice today!

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

11 March 2021

Form of the renunciation of heresies and confession of faith – a passport to a happy eternity:

Do you renounce spiritual unity with the invalid apostate Pope Bergoglio, so-called Francis?

Answer: (I do!)

Do you renounce the historical-critical method in theology, i.e. neo-Modernism, and the spirit of atheism behind it, as well as the spirit of aggiornamento of the Second Vatican Council?

Answer: (I do!)

Do you renounce the spirit behind the Nostra Aetate declaration, behind the gesture of John Paul II in Assisi, i.e. the spirit of syncretism with paganism and the spirit of the New Age?

Answer: (I do!)

Do you renounce the spirit of gender ideology legalizing all forms of LGBTQ sexual deviation?

Answer: (I do!)

Do you renounce magic, divination and spiritualism, which work secretly in various forms of alternative medicine?

Answer: (I do!)

Do you renounce the spirit of Freemasonry and NWO which programmes moral, spiritual and physical autogenocide of the Church and mankind?

Answer: (I do!)

Do you renounce the spirit of Satanism which is associated with modern forms of child sacrifice, namely child stealing and child abuse by juvenile justice mechanisms, criminal manipulation into hormonal therapy and gender reassignment surgery, and the use of tissue torn out from an aborted child in the production of mass-imposed mRNA vaccines?

Answer: (I do!)

Do you renounce the spirit of the antichristian system of current promotion of an artificial pandemic connected with face masks, respirators, testing, and mRNA vaccines which change the human genome and are part of the chipping process and genocide of humanity?

Answer: (I do!)

Do you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for you and your sins and rose again on the third day really and historically?

Answer: (Yes, I do.)

Do you receive the Lord Jesus as your Saviour and do you give your life to Him?

Answer: (Yes, I do.)

Do you receive the testament from the cross expressed in the words of Christ addressed to the disciple: “Behold your mother!”?

Answer: (Yes, I do.)

Do you receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit to become a martyr of Christ like the apostles?
Answer: (Yes, I do.)

Signature ______________________________ Date _______________
(of a bishop, priest or lay person)

Make this confession of faith in the presence of two witnesses. The satanizing system forces people into humiliating and absurd gestures and into self-destruction. By contrast, your signature and confession in the presence of witnesses is a gesture of receiving Christ and renouncing the satanizing system. Make this gesture of faith today!

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