Cardinal: There Are No Prophets Today – “Except Francis”

Jesus was “a sort of sponge” who understood “different paths,” was “very sensitive to atmospheres,” capable of knowing the “fundamental types of his world,” and also of engaging in “controversy” which shows that he was “not only receptive but also creative," according to [evidently confused] Curia Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi.

Talking to the former priest Vito Mancuso for the Oligarchs’ Corriere.it, Ravasi who is known for his eclecticism, praises Christ for his "eclectic capacities."

According to Ravasi, one of the greatest signs of the Church’s crisis is the lack of prophets – “except Francis” – he added with due obsequiousness.

Ravasi said that Francis "manages to be incisive and listened to" - notwithstanding the fact that Francis’ General audiences are empty, and his books are shelf-warmers.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsSqntqaxsti

"Except Francis".... obligatory meme.
Jan Joseph
De door een staatsgreep aan de macht gekomen paus Franciscus is een profeet? Wat een hoogmoet.
I think there are ,but are you listening ?