Clown World: Francis Says He Wants "Dialogue With Those Who Disagree"

Encounter means being open to others and accepting differences as part of a respectful dialogue, Francis told the Chemin Neuf community during a May …
Credo .
Who needs the Church when you have a direct line to the Holy Ghost!
AKA; Dialogue with those who deny the true faith
Tony M
Bergoglio continues to play us with his words.
He thinks we can't see through him and his agenda.
He thinks we are stupid & can be easily duped.
Jorge..... God is watching every move you make....and so are we!!!
Jeffrey Ade
No he doesn't think that about "us!" He thinks that about them! And "they" don't!
Paus Franciscus is een man met een gespleten persoonlijkheid.
Jeffrey Ade
A modernist!
porta folio manager
and a modernist is (by mere definition) an heretic (outside the church!)