The Greatest Show on Earth is a 1952 American drama film produced and directed by Cecil B. DeMille. Brad Braden is the no-nonsense general manager of the world's largest railroad circus. The show's …More
The Greatest Show on Earth is a 1952 American drama film produced and directed by Cecil B. DeMille.

Brad Braden is the no-nonsense general manager of the world's largest railroad circus. The show's board of directors plans to run a short 10-week season rather than risk losing $25,000 a day in a shaky postwar economy. Brad bargains to keep the circus on the road as long as it makes a profit, thus keeping the 1,400 performers and roustabouts employed. In addition to keeping the show in the black, he faces some other serious problems.

Brad's first problem: his girlfriend, Holly, a flyer who expects to star in the show. He must tell her that she is out of the center ring. The management insisted on hiring the Great Sebastian, a world-class trapeze artist. Holly is furious. She is also heartbroken, because Brad refuses to acknowledge his love for her.

Brad's second problem: Sebastian, a ladies' man whose affairs always cause trouble for the shows' managers to the point a board member declares, "He's wrecked every show he's been with!"

His third problem: Harry, a crooked midway concessionaire who works for a gangster named Mr. Henderson. Ringling Bros. runs a clean show, and Henderson knows Brad won't put up with much.

Trouble is also brewing for the beloved Buttons the Clown, who never appears without his makeup. During one performance, Buttons is warned by his mother that "they" are asking questions. Buttons' skill at first aid suggests a medical background. Holly finds a newspaper article about a mercy killer, but does not connect the doctor who killed his wife to Buttons.

Sebastian arrives and is greeted by two former lovers: Angel, who performs in the elephant act with the pathologically jealous Klaus (Lyle Bettger); and Phyllis (Dorothy Lamour), who does a double turn as an iron jaw artist and a vocalist in a South Seas extravaganza. Sebastian is attracted to Holly and offers her the center ring. When Brad refuses, Holly vows to make her ring the focus of attention. The competition between the aerialists becomes increasingly daring and dangerous. The duel ends when Sebastian removes his safety net and suffers serious injuries in a fall when a stunt goes wrong. Buttons tends to him, and the show's doctor expresses admiration. Holly finally has the center ring and star billing, but not the way she wanted it. Brad cannot comfort her, because now she is in love with Sebastian.

When Harry is caught cheating customers on the midway, Brad fires him. Harry vows revenge. He is seen now and then on the periphery of the show, shooting craps and sowing disaffection, particularly with Klaus.

Several months later, Sebastian rejoins the show. His right arm is paralyzed. A guilt-ridden Holly professes her love for her former rival over the unfeeling Brad. Angel calls Holly a fool "for busting up the swellest guy in the circus" and makes a pass at Brad. They become an item. Klaus cannot accept that Angel does not want him.

At one stand, Special Agent Gregory of the FBI appears on the lot during teardown and asks Brad whether the circus doctor resembles a man he is hunting. Brad has never seen Buttons without makeup and does not recognize the man in the photo. The detective boards the train to continue his investigation. When Buttons tells Brad that Sebastian has feeling in his injured hand – a sign that his disability is not permanent — Brad makes the connection and casually observes that the police will be taking fingerprints at the next stand. He implies to Buttons he should make himself scarce until Gregory leaves the show to search elsewhere.

Harry and Klaus stop the first of the circus's two trains to steal the day's receipts. Klaus sees the second section coming and realizes that Angel is aboard. He drives the automobile head-on toward the train in an attempt to signal the engineer to stop the train. The second section smashes the car off the tracks and crashes into the first section in a spectacular collision that derails train cars, breaks animal cages open, shreds equipment, and injures people by the score. Brad is pinned in the wreckage, bleeding from a cut artery.

Buttons tries to slip away from the wreck site, but Holly pleads with him to save the man she loves. Buttons gives Brad a direct transfusion from Sebastian, who has the same rare blood type. Gregory assists him. Later, Special Agent Gregory reluctantly arrests Buttons, shaking his hand before handcuffing him and telling him, "You're all right." Buttons tells Brad to tell Holly that he will be keeping a date with his girl, suggesting that he may be facing the death penalty.

Holly takes command of the show, mounting a parade that leads the whole nearby town to an open-air performance. Brad now realizes how much he loves Holly, but ironically she now has no time for him because the show must go on. Sebastian proposes to Angel, and she accepts. The movie ends with the "spec" opening the program, the circus making a magnificent recovery from disaster to continue their tour.
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