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After the debauchery of gay pride comes gay shame. What the gay lobby hides.More
After the debauchery of gay pride comes gay shame.

What the gay lobby hides.
It is never too late to trust your life to Jesus and ask for His Help to overcome this sinful lifestyle.It is never too late no matter how awful is the sin
And if they could see the spiritual leprosy of their souls, and what their sins add to Jesus' sufferings, and what we all will suffer in the coming chastisement...! Jesus, Mary and Joseph; Joseph, Terror of Demons, we love you. Save souls!
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According to research published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal, in the country there are 22 reported cases of a new variant of chlamydia, lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV). All those affected by this sexually transmitted disease (STD) are promiscuous homosexual or bisexual men.
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Según investigaciones publicadas por el Canadian Medical Association Journal, en el país existen 22 casos reportados de una nueva variante de la clamidia, el linfogranuloma venéreo (LGV). Todos los afectados por esta enfermedad de transmisión sexual (ETS) son hombres homosexuales o bisexuales promiscuos.
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Actor porno infectado de Sida: 'En un mes me contagié de herpes, clamidia y gonorrea'

"No se lo conté a mi familia porque mi primera meta era ver a un médico primero para recibir tratamiento", dijo Derrick Burts