Take a Stand!

If someone knocks on your door asking for all your information for a database for contact tracing of the coronavirus, take a stand. We know that satan fell because of his hatred and jealousy of the Almighty's plan for His Son to become man and his hatred and jealousy regarding the dignity of Mary in becoming the mother of God. Hence the mimicking of God's kingdom. Hence the plan for the anti-Christ, a perfectly possessed (by satan and Hitler and Mao and Stalin and Lenin, etc., etc. etc.) leader of the world (New World Order) to mimic God's omnipresence on earth through surveillance technology. A physical mark of the beast is the chip/app showing that, for one thing, you have submitted to vaccination used to chemically sterilize and also filled with cells lines from aborted babies. This chip/app will allow you to buy and sell and work. Keep in mind that every Planned Parenthood has a satanist "high priest" who does ritual abortions -- The highest satanic ritual -- and who consecrates aborted babies to satan. When you agree to receive the cells of aborted babies in your food or your medicine you are opening a door to evil. It is a backdoor acceptance of the anti-Christ's reign. When will Christians stand up en mass and do and say, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"?…/bill-gates-geor…