Sisters of Mother Theresa Shown The Door

After closing 758 organisations, Nicaraguas' government has ordered the closure of additional 101 NGOs, among them is the Missionaries of Charity Association (ElDebate.com, June 28).

The sisters haven been in the country for 40 years. The Government says they are not accredited to operate their nursery, child development centre, girls' home, and old people's home, they didn’t report assets or activities, their income from donations doesn’t match the reports submitted, and their Board of Directors is made up of foreigners while a new law establishes that 75 % must be from Nicaragua.

IlSismografo accuses Francis’ “passivity and weakness” in the face of the Nicaragua government (here, here).

Picture: © Mazur/catholicchurch.org.uk, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsMjsyidqyvi
Sisters of Mother Theresa Shown The Door(sic)
No "h" in Teresa.More
Sisters of Mother Theresa Shown The Door(sic)

No "h" in Teresa.
Novena - Oremus
Mutter Teresa und Johannes Paul II waren beide Ritter der Immakulata (wie sie von Maximilian Kolbe gegründet wurde)
Agatha James
I work with a guy from Nicaragua and who still has family there. He said it is totally corrupt. Judgeships are purchased. People get authorized to knock on doors and demand money.