'All he wanted to do was play hockey’: Grieving dad says Pfizer shot killed his 17-year old son
When you hear everyday ,every second that these vaccines are safe ,take i ,take it ,parents that probably took the jab themselves and didnt have a big reaction (yet) figure that it will be ok ,nobody wants to injury their children
This is terrible news for parents ,For money power and evil idiologies there are people that have no conscience they have been deceived can do these horrible things
Who authorized the Pfizer shot for his 17-year old (minor) son?
The New Knights Templar
That's a good question, UV. Canada is becoming the epitome of chaos and confusion. Some school districts have overruled parental rights and taken it upon themselves to raise children in the school system as the school board sees fit. So there are two options, either the parents or the school board, unless the medical staff got involved in convincing him. (I guess that's three options, LOL!)
Facts Not Lies
Isn't Canada now a country where any politician can approve medical action overriding the parents and physician?
The New Knights Templar
@Facts Not Lies I haven't heard that but there is so much out there anymore I haven't heard a whole lot of things...could be true. If that is the case, we certainly know the answer to @Ultraviolet 's question.