Princess Gloria: If Mass Is a "Gathering," Covid-19 Is A Perfect Reason to Drop It

"There are princes who behave like swineherds. And there are swineherds who behave like princes."

This and other quotes from the famous Regensburg Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis can be found in the new, richly illustrated book by Monsignor Wilhelm Imkamp: "Ungeschminkt - Fürstin Gloria von Thurn und Taxis" (Make-up-free - Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis).

A quote from the Princess explains what a snob is: "Snobbery means sine nobilitate. If someone treats other people as inferior, this is precisely not a sign of nobility."

On religion, she says: "Miracles exist for those who believe in miracles. For people who have learned to believe over the years, the gates open wider and wider."

Gloria compares the German Synodal Way to a conference of the Merkel party CDU: “Here, money and human capital are wasted."

About the bishops and the [ineffective] Corona measures she says: “One could get the impression that here dutiful and obedient state functionaries are at work who no longer seem to believe in the sacrificial meal. For them, Holy Mass is above all a social gathering, in the best case a community meal, which one can also do without."
For a moment, I thought that was Elton John. :D