Making Smoke: Gänswein Denial of Fake News Is Fake News

Archbishop Georg Gänswein told Die Tagespost (August 28) that it is “fake news” to suggest that former Benedict XVI has confirmed the explosive Viganò statement. But nobody has claimed what Gänswein hurried to deny.

Gänswein added that Benedict XVI has “no opinion” on the Viagnò's text. [This would be scandalous if it were true].

Edward Pentin wrote (August 25) that Benedict XVI had issued sanctions against Cardinal Theodore McCarrick (2009 or 2010) which later were lifted by Pope Francis.

Pentin stands by his story that Benedict XVI confirmed the information about the sanctions against McCarrick without remembering their precise nature. Gänswein did not deny this bit of information.

Picture: Georg Gänswein, © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsToeroyuevp
Cardinal Wuerl's insistence on not knowing details of Cardinal McCarrick's need to be sanctioned suddenly reveals a deep irresponsibility. Imagine a shepherd not knowing a wolf is moving about your flock, or worse - knowing it is rumored there is a wolf in front of you and it appears to be confirmed from the highest authority and turning the other way.