Locked Churches: Cardinal Warns Of “Self-Pity”, Cultivates Myths

The closing down of the churches is a “deprivation we feel very deeply,” Westminster Cardinal Vincent Nichols said at a live-streamed Mass for nursing staff (, April 24).

English churches have now been closed for over a month. Nevertheless, Nichols warned to beware of "any sense of self-pity as we play our part in these life-saving disciplines.”

The latter is a myth. For instance, Wilfred Reilly compared all US states with or without curfew (, April 22).

His result: Curfews are no more effective in dealing with the coronavirus than simple sanitary distancing measures.

Picture: Vincent Nichols© Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsGezeatazbl

Next stage: the bishops to broadcast cartoons instead of the Masses.
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We just saw his pastoral heart.
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We must pray for him and all Clergy participating in the NWO plan to keep Churches closed so they can convert to Catholicism
So devout Catholics pleading for their Churches back are "self pitying"
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It's yet another tactic to force Catholics to stay silent. Imagine the condemnation of such bishops if Catholics started cancelling their automatic online weekly donations as a response.